1.7 Known Issues


Issues fixed with the 1.7.2 update on February 12:

  • iOS users are reporting more frequent crashes in the game.
    *The success rates for missions can display incorrectly.
  • The sticker art is not displaying for the current weekly challenges, Out of Control, and Tankless.

Issues fixed with the server update on January 24:

  • Server 1 - invasion ward battles are returning after being defeated.

These issues have been resolved:

  • Costume icons are showing for Heroes who don’t currently have costumes in the game.
  • Shank is a bit too tanky in Invasion Breaker Quests with power ups and reduced damage wards. There will be adjustments to this for the next Invasion.
  • Creep Surge lineups can show as KO’ed if you’re in Surge when the wave changes. Leave surge and re-enter the screen to refresh the lineups.
  • Friendship Campaign is showing friendships that require heroes that aren’t available.
  • Friendship Campaign episodes can’t be played because they’re located in chapters that are not yet available on the server.
  • War logs - attack tracker (Attacks: X/50) is not showing the correct number of attacks. The logs below that are correct. This is a display issue only.
  • In Heist there is white text on the white player box, hiding their activity.
  • Chat issues on Android - both flickering chat or emojis causing chat to disappear

Thank you!

Missing costumes for Stitch and Merida


Please keep this thread to bugs (not Gold and hero XP) that have started following the 1.7 update. Thank you!


Well there is no issue I came upon except dat costumes icon 4 heroes dat don’t have a costumes yet.


For some reason my game is crashing frequently when I’m in it


Please send in a support ticket in the game. That will give us your account and device info so we can dig into the logs. Thanks!


My game crashed after I tried to unlock new friendship


Which friendship were you unlocking?


The one that had it’s requirements reduced, Vanellope - Merida

  • Elsa is still too small!
  • Music during invasion battle crash and start all over again
  • New hero defeat animation - he fall too far in battlefield

  • Focus on the chat field, enter it, and after a while returning the input content will disappear.

  • The friend mission success rate drastically decreases (Example: Mission F of Merida & Elastigirl changed from a success rate of 91% to 31%)

It is an Asian version application that is playing on 13 servers.


Woody’s Jessie disc is bugged. When Woody goes up against Baymax instead of lassoing the furthest enemy, he lassos Baymax. I haven’t encountered it happening to another character yet.


My privet message keeps glitching it won’t let me see new messages


Server 4, TV crates are not showing up. Guildmate says he used 70 batteries without a TV crate appearing.


When raiding in surge it still displays the wrong amount of gold earned


Surge display error. Shows all heroes in each district as KO’d even though they haven’t been hit yet in that wave. Would upload a screenshot, but can’t resize it to fit size limits.

Edit: It appears if you are already in Surge when a new wave starts, but disappears when you exit Surge and go back in. You can still attack, just throws you off a bit.


Samsung Galaxy (Android) user here, having issues with the chat function.

If I type anything & click anywhere outside of the text line, any text “beyond” the white text line will disappear & I’ll have to re-type it. Using Disney Emoji (or even opening that menu) also causes what I’m typing to disappear.


The emojis are not showing what prerequisites I need to require them as they had in the past. I.e. getting a power emoji by having a certain friendship at level 15. Android user here.


I’ve contacted support for this new update about the invasion glitching on me and they always give me a default answer about how to play the game…


Do you have a screenshot of the lineup you were fighting when this happened? If no, where did this battle happen and what lineup were you using?

I’ve looked into several reports of this, but the video crates are being awarded correctly after the update. There’s a max of 3 that can be in a player’s inventory, so be sure to check there before raiding.

Screenshot please!