1.7 Known Issues


Server 4. Guild War Summary is bugged. We’ve made 4 attacks and the opposing guild’s attack counter is rising with ours. We’ve reach out to our opponent and they said their Summary looks correct.

They’ve since made one attack, but it still shows 4.


Same. Here’s screenshot.


War log is totally broken. Where it says ‘Attacks: X/50 (Extra: X/50)’, the opponent attack count is just mirroring ours instead of showing their count (edit - came to post this and see others already have, still, adding to the report. S3.)


Worth noting that if Olaf is used in front, Woody preforms as usual. It seems that certain heros in front of Woody block him from going to the furthest enemy. Also this is just sparring. Hope this helps


There are a couple of things within Heist.
First, the white teams heroes do not have logos or times in the box above the character. Pictured below;

Secondly, after completing this Heist I could not then go into anything else on the game. From the Market to Enhancement everytime I clicked, nothing. So I had to shut down the game to restart it.


The private messages are glitched is not showing any notification on the messages recieved.


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I am having an issue with invasion, if that counts here? I’m on lvl 50 of my breaker quests and one of wards keeps reappearing. The SP ward, not sure if it’s this level specifically, it’s just the first one I’ve had to retry.


Yes, I’ve had this happen at times as well. Some of the defenders in a previously defeated ward somehow re-appear. :frowning:


This crashing bug is making the game unplayable I hope this is a main priority.

Haven’t heard back from my support tickets just your investigating and will get back soon.

It’s crashing everywhere in the game it’s in stable and broken


You fixed the Quorra issue, right? You know, where her Light Cycle Skill doesn’t trigger at the second wave?

There’s an issue with Aladdin, same issue with Quorra. His Flying Carpet Skill doesn’t trigger in the second wave…


Sometimes when he has a full white attack bar, Aladdin doesn’t come in on his flyinf carpet, but rather walks in super late.

Ive only seen it happen on 3rd wave


Not sure if this is a bug or intentional. Server 16 here:

-Sully-Woody campaign is available, but there are no campaigns because they are past the current Ch8 normal campaign cap. Not sure if any other friendships are this way too.

-Got my Olaf-Felix friendship to level 5, but there is no 2-hour friend mission like expected. Is this because it requires a badge/bit/plan we can’t access yet? Again, not sure if any other friendships have the same issue.


It was like this before the update, but the filter for setting my next defense on war is broken.

It’s set to sort by power, but my blue heroes are ahead of some of my orange heroes.


I think it’s normal. You see, the ones on the left (the blue ones) are not on your current defense. The ones on the right, starting with Nick, are on your current defense.

At least, that’s what I think it is…


There are heroes in a team on the far left, and further to the right are heroes who aren’t. Not to mention that still isn’t what it’s supposed to be.


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New friendship missions unlocked but not available on sever 16. I.E. Sully/Woody


My chat is glitching. Keeps flashing. Plus, I’m not getting all my messages in game unless I open to message someone, and see a message they sent days earlier


I found dis bug where I put Hiro, he zooms out way too much.

But without him, it’s back to normal.

Dis I would liked to be fixed.