1.7 Known Issues


Is the lower success rate for friend missions now not a bug? Since you made it easier to unlock friend campaigns I would’ve expected the success rate of friend missions to increase instead of decrease, if not whats the point of unlocking but not being able to progress?


The app crashes frequently, specifically when doing coliseum and arena attacks. The number of attacks were wasted as it automatically reduces your attacks and have to wait for 5-10 minutes before you can attack again. Some diamonds were also wasted when buying extra attacks but app still keeps on crashing. Hope this can be fixed soon.


@Polaris is the Darkwing Nick disk supposed to proc and prevent shields 100% of the time? I’m getting reports that it totally blocks shields instead.

Also is Mickey’s Moana disk meant to add her attack speed boost to her ally as well? This also appears to be happening, making enemy teams nigh unbeatable.


We just did an update on server 1 to fix the Invasion ward enemies. They should now stay defeated!

Please send in a support ticket - that sounds like it needs some digging into. Thanks!


I don’t think Shank is supposed to have 201k power at Breaker 50. Now I can’t progress. Not one hero can make a scratch, even if it’s Orange (O0, O1, O2) and 5/6 star and level 100. I think this is a bug in Server 1. Can you please update it because it’s nuts when all the wards are gone and nothing makes a scratch on Shank, even disbles done work, nor does the boosts.


@Polaris private message keeps glitching
it’s hard to read and I don’t get noticed when there is a new message


Forgive me if this has already been made mention, but when sparring Darkwing Duck, here is what I have collected with Nick Wilde disk:
** 100% shield block success
** 100% debuff uptime
I’m pretty sure that this is not consistent with the 25% chance success rate. Also, there is no time frame for debuff…so is it really supposed to be the duration of the battle once applied??


There is a small issue when the enemy Stich has no eyes when he celebrates his victory. That may be just a tiny bug, but it makes him creepy.


yeah, im glad for shank adjustment, a team of almost 100s didnt even move the health bar and theres 15-30 powerups on them too. but that also means the invasions totally halted for me and i cant pass it now :/.

thank you for addressing this issue


When you’re in a heist, and try to speak via PM with another player, the chat flashes non-stop. It only occurs in pm chats, not in others


Update: The Aladdin Issue, the one where he doesn’t fly on the second wave and simply walks acrods the field, is not an energy issue.

I tested it earlier and noticed that even though his Energy Bar is not yet full, his Flying Capret Skill doesn’t activate on the Second Wave.


Elsa is way too small. Even shorter than Violet!


Game app STILL crashes whenever i play on iOS. I cant claim daily video because app crashes; cant multiply my xp and coin on port; when i battle on guild war it crashes; doing normal or elite it crashes; doing surge and cw it crashes — game app crashes after the update. I do hope that as you fix this, compensation will be rolled out too for iOS users affected. And yes, i just sent email to support now. Please fix game on iOs @Polaris


They are currently investigating the issue on that… please be patient. I’m pretty sure they’re doing the best they can…


Hey there, I just started out on a new server and I know you guys are doing the best you can but I recently discovered a new and unrelated bug (even if I’ve had the previous problems). This one causes a persons team level and heroes levels to be different. Thanks.


I’m still having a problem with video crates anyone else?


Don’t know if it’s from the update but i’ve noticed when I use Hades burning rage ability it doesn’t effect enemies that are right next to him. Noticed this during a heist ambush when the tank enemy who was resisted to normal damage was on top of Hades and didn’t seem to be affected by burning rage intital damage or the dot afterwards.


New issues added:

  • If you are still on the 1.7 client, there can be an error with the display for mission success rates. Please update to the 1.7.1 client to see the correct information.
  • The sticker art is not displaying for the current weekly challenges, Out of Control, and Tankless. We will be adding the art in the 1.7.2 update.


When should we expect 1.7.2 to come out?


We’re planning for next week, but it will depend on app store reviews and approvals. Here’s the art for the stickers:


Out of Control: