1.8.2 Known Issues


Here is a list of known issues from the 1.8.2 update:

  • The Guild War season poster is missing. We will add this before the end of the season. Watch for it in a future update!
  • Hercules attack “What goes around” doesn’t always go around the enemies. The team is investigating this.
  • Some players are reporting their chat disappearing from Global and VIP. The team is investigating this.

Hercules boomerang skill broken

thats a great for sure!

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When is this update? Is it in May?

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Should be later this month.



@Polaris you fixed this but my woody and Sully friendship when I kept beating a level sometimes it said " This Level is unavailable " and I’m pointing this out because it might be on other severe too and I wasted so much stamina it’s no funny and I don’t know how to went in an Support ticket

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I’m getting this issue alot with invasion ok s3. It says invalid loot and it still consumes my stamina

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Are previous issues considered current issues? Like missing chat pm’s and editing posts deleting the new br> function among other old issues.



Please fix this issue. Korean and Japanese characters do not appear

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So far, I haven’t encountered an issue. YET

I’ll make sure 2 say it here.



Occasionally, I think after battling in Surge, a background sound effect remains cycling throughout the game, and I can only stop it by quitting the game. Several others reported the same.



I’ve experienced an issue quite a few times where I’m given a random loss in coliseum on the third wave, even though my team is alive and there’s plenty of time remaining.



Thanks everyone!
Yes, previous known issues are still being worked on. This is for new issues that arise from this specific update.

Please also send in a support ticket, especially for issues where you’re not receiving a reward, or the game is behaving strangely. That will allow us to keep track of issues that we’ve reported to the team.

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I contacted support telling them about that I didn’t receive the 5 Legendary Boxes. The only responses I got made 0 sense saying things like: ‘Because the of 24 hour guildses chang you no receev contest rewar that why kno boxes recev’
I think that means that because I changed guild less than 24 hours before wars ended I didn’t receive a reward. But not only has that never been mentioned ever but I changed guild at 3:00pm Saturday. War ended at 11:00am on Monday. I received no compensation. This is an issue @Polaris please fix it or give compensation. Or a real explanation.



In order to qualify for end of season rewards, you have to participate in at least one war with your current guild. If you hop guilds at the end of the month, and don’t sabotage or battle in war with the new guild, you won’t get season end rewards.



We had some guild members who were kicked from their prior guild at the end of the month, so they got no end-of-season rewards. Doesn’t seem fair considering they spent over 90% of the season in a guild that reached legendary long before they were kicked, and then also went to another legendary ranked guild.

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I don’t know if this is supposed to happen, but I just was in a fight with my Eve against an opposing Calhoun. Eve has just given herself the shields, and Calhoun used her Cybugeddon skill, and when it hit Eve, nothing happened at first, then all the damage was immediately done to the shields. I’m not sure if this is supposed to happen, but just felt kinda weird.



There’s one bug that really annoys me, despite being “harmless”: if you open ANY friendship disc, the pictures that illustrate them are quite stretched up and out of proportion



I saw this bug where, if Quorra fought alone and got stunned at the end of the battle, she won’t do her victory pose. Also, I dunno if its an issue but is it normal for creeps to survive (in invasion boss battles) after the Mama Bot has been destroyed? And I’ve said this before where Zurg would appear twice in the red team trials in the challenging difficulty. Another error is that in the Calhoun-Felix campaign, when you do the mission “house hunters” and you get halfway to getting the mission to level 3, Cruella de Vil’s name is spelt wrong. It was misspelled as “Cruella DeVille.” Another error is that when I opened my copper war boxes, I noticed that under (where it says “Copper War Box”) it said “Month4 2019.” Also when there isn’t much internet, the game crashes. Imthis happens to me sometimes when I play this game at my school. The there internet is terrible (those cheap people), I’m getting off-topic, so yeah. And I remember when I was equipping badges for Alice (in rarity B1), the game said that a badge that Alice needed to equip didn’t belong in the necessary slot (weird right?) and then Alice got demoted, so the game lost data. Also whenever I do a battle from chats, If I get into the chat section during the battle, and I get out (exit) if the chat section the battle automatically ends along with exiting chat. Also I’ve noticed in surge where I fought with only my Mickey he DISAPPEARED for a few seconds. PerBlue please fix this and these are all the bugs I have found so far



Why hasn’t that been put in the Guild War rules if I had known I wouldn’t have left my guild! That has also never been mentioned in patch notes! Thanks for giving a response that made some kind of sense though.



How about the issue that Guild War is still horrible and needs to be completely overhauled?