24hr Notice for Events? Yes, Please!

I’m gonna bite this on the nose before the devs decide to implement contests (if they ever do)!

Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a 24hr notice before Events start?

If a 24hr notice doesn’t work, then what about a list of weekly events mailed to us/tacked onto the event board at the start of every week? I know these reminders made us very happy over in DragonSoul & I’m hoping y’all can do it again here.

Now, we’ve already had a couple surprises this week: including Marketplace Discounts, Double Gold Event from Surge, “Buy Gold” Deals, & the usual Hero Bundles. :dizzy_face:
Mind you, I’m not asking for reminders on Cash Buys. However, with there being so many gold sinks in the game right now & with us common F2P plebs having very little in the way of items, I think it’d be nice to be notified for things like: Price Reductions & Shop Sales, Contests (if any), & Global Events (such as: Normal Double Drop, Elite Double Drop, Double Gold, etc).

I understand that I’m asking for a Quality of Life change, but I really think everyone would appreciate this… immediately & in the long run :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yeah, some kind of heads up would be nice


Notice for the cash buys would be nice too. Nothing feels worse than buying gems then 4 hours later seeing a notification for a deal. Be nice to support the spenders in the game a little since they keep it running.


I signed up and was going to suggest the same thing, I totally agree.

It’s so frustrating when you are playing, a new event starts but you cannot participate as you have already used your daily chances. For some of us we can only get on 1 or 2 times a day. It’s quite possible that we will never get to take advantage of the event due to our gaming times.

Yet, some others can potentially use it twice; not really fair!


I totally agree with the heads up on upcoming events. I’m actually very active in-game. So i usually use up my daily chances within the first 2 hour of the day. But the events usually kick in on the 4th or 5th hour. By then, it’s already too late. This especially hurts on Sundays (when all the ports/trials are open) when there’s double drop event for team trial/port. Somehow, it feels like i’m being penalised for being too active.

That’s where being patient comes into the game. What are y’all going to do when the next update comes out at 2 PM? Me personally I’m going to wait if I know stuff is coming up. Sometimes its predictable of what Perblue is up to.

Totally agreed. I noticed the new event is kinda getting out of hand lately… I’m from SG and initially I did not get the new event till around 12noon my time (after learning the hard way, buying all stamina only to have the stamina reduction costs event), lately the new event is only coming out after 4pm my time!!!

Is there something wrong? Nevertheless, a 24 hrs schedule / notice will be nice so I know to hold my diamonds till the events pops.

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If they showed us what events they are planning to do throughout the week that would be nice as well :slight_smile:

Definitely. ANY kind of notice or bulletin would be awesome! So many more events have occurred since this post. :sob: Although, I have to say, I appreciate the fact that they’ve saved the 2x Port/2x Trial Drops for Sundays.

New update
Still no any notice :frowning:

I already suggested that a month ago so I guess they don’t care see here: Link


That would be sweet!

The game is being developed slowly, as far as I can notice reading the forum. Too bad they already started selling stuff for real money (:gem: diamonds :gem:, for example) and don’t care to event reply their costumers’ requests

This would be great but the game devs aren’t transparent in this game. If you have ever written to the support team you would notice that they don’t really care about quality of life changers, it’s a shame really.

Yes please. Last time i already spent all of my trial chance on sunday (15 chance!!) when the 2x trial drop event started. It is so ridiculous that player can not expect when the next event will occur.

I’m all in favor of this, and I hope PerBlue starts doing this right away.

Would be nice but the safe bet right now is to wait until both event start times pass…

For example (for me), events activate at 12 midnight and 7 am usually: so I usually start playing after 7 am, in case of an event starting

If you pay attention to patterns, you’ll be able to make sure to be able to take advantage of event bonuses

For instance, it looks like our first contest started at 8 am (my time)… Future contests may utilize that time as well

@sCary kind of silly to expect users to stay awake between midnight and 7AM to get a deal based on where they live.

No you misunderstood me

You just need to not play during those hours

Oh we might have different time zones then. My issue is double Trials drops typically happen on Sunday but the event doesn’t start until around midnight on Sunday for me. That means I have to avoid doing it all day then login between midnight and 5AM when the dailies reset.

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