3-Way friendship

We already have friendships with 2 heroes. But what about a friendship between 3 heroes? They can be either have one with 2 friendships put together or have a frienship with 2 different heroes. Which do you think would have a 3 way friendship and why?

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I don’t think 3rd friendships should exist…

Sure, more storylines. But that also means more time. And more work for PB.

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I think “Team campaigns” could be interesting. But it would really be a pain.

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Team friendship? What is that?

Where are team campaigns mentioned?

They aren’t. I was just putting forth the information that I think “Team Campaigns” is an interesting idea. I’ve mentioned before when people have talked about the concept of Friendships with more than 2 heroes that I think it would be a new thing with a new name. At some point I said “Team Campaigns would be a nice name.”

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Devs should work on balance and Kim.


I second that!

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