4.3- Known Issues

Powerups for the Scare Invasion aren’t being applied to The Mayor.

It doesn’t really matter since he has 100% chance of success on all skills regardless of power levels (a level 1, white rank, 1 star Mayor can debuff\shatter a level 1000 Mama Bot with no chance of failure). However, he has “scare” skill so based on the “Scare Invasion” rules, he should get the same power ups as other “scare” skilled heroes.

He needs blue skill…
So neither level 1.

Hate to tell you I told you so…

Guess we will see this in tomorrow’s patch notes:

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EVE doesn’t use her blue skill at the start (with unlocked red skill)!

It’s not.
Is this going to be edited?

Why is there an other update for the game in CH play without any announcement?


Honestly, if this is the level of back handed things we can expect going forward, to quote Numi

I bet it is a fix for the Shatter that someone should have picked up weeks before going live

This is something the team has been trying to reproduce but have so far been unable to. They know it’s being reported as an issue by players.

… at least that.

This update is a hot fix for the Revive Hero Bug


I suggest the team using

Joy (Ol) + Ian (Go)

And then

Joy + Ian + Miguel/Nick/or anyone really, can be full team

If Tron manages to deal damage to at least one enemy (someone with no reflect/invincibility) he will remove all buffs from all allies.

Ergo, Tron doesn’t remove buffs from Joy and Ian if they are alone, because he can’t deal damage.

Same with Randall (Yz).

Joy + Ian = Randall doesn’t removes buffs
Joy + Miguel/anyone = Randall always removes buffs immediately

Thanks @Phal for pointing this out.
Seems like damage is the problem, if damage is possible then its effects too, bypassing Joy’s red and removing buffs in effect even if it shouldn’t.


While on that topic, I’d like to bring up that that has been a factor for a bit of a while regarding Jessie and her buff steal.

Jessie needs to actually deal damage to an enemy with her white skill in order to steal the buff from them, so she is unable to steal Invincibility or reflect. I’m pretty sure that was an intentional limitation, considering the wording of the skill. but thought it relevant to point out.

I was playing around with Tron and Rapunzel’s abilities to give the frontmost ally starting stacks of Hardy.

Tron’s green gives 2 stacks.

Rapunzel’s red gives 6 stacks.

When Tron and Rapunzel are both in battle, only one of their skills proc. In this example, only Rapunzel’s Hardy stacks are applied. We should be seeing 8 stacks here.


Not strictly relevant, but I love how you’ve used Dasiy here and it looks like she’s fed up with all the bugs.


That girl… ummm, she ain’t Miguel.

9000? Not 90000?

This type of deal is decent, but give at least enough skill chips to max red skill, or at least over half.

max level is 27k… what do you expect for a $20 deal? or 10.5 GBP lol

Big requirements by PB.
Big expectations, simple.

And that would be still single red skill maxed, for $20.

If you don’t like it, don’t buy it - wallet rule. Either they make something better or they don’t see the money, simple.

I can confirm this: I used Quackerjack in a Heist (yes, someone actually still plays Heist, shocking I know), and he would not automatically summon Terror Teddy at the start of the fight as the Passive of his white skill says he should.

There’s just a lot of bugs related to the start of battle that came with Tuesday’s update; I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more that haven’t been reported yet, and maybe some that haven’t even been experienced yet. It’s… worrisome.


Sorry, didn’t check the other posts…

Vinny is yet another broken hero right now.

His red skill’s stuns are completely random (often it stuns enemies who don’t get any speed buff, while the ones who get it aren’t affected).

And his white skill sometimes doesn’t damage enemies.

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