6 day contests

@Loutre Can you guys do a poll of whether to keep the 6 day contests or go back to the regular contests? I feel like a lot of people do not like them and it seems like there’s a mass Exodus from server 22 of longterm players because of them. I am really curious if this is actually something that the majority of players want or if this is something that perblue wants us to think the majority wants.

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A little heads-up, as it is weekend Loutre won’t reply to you before tomorrow so you know that.

Personally I am neutral on the contest lasting 6 days, but if they go back to 3 days I would definitely say that they should keep the rewards from the 6 days contests as their rewards are really good :-).


Maybe start a Poll by yourself. :slight_smile:
I’m not realy shure that, PB (Loutre) would start one.

There is nothing wrong with 6 day contest especially this week as it’s a level cap update so I have saved all my stamina for tomorrow so I can take advantage. If this was a normal contest it would have ended and you wouldn’t have been able to take advantage.


That’s a good idea, I just thought Loutre /PB might be able to do it like they did with the filtering feedback to get a more widespread turnout.

That’s true I guess, but they also could move FTN contests to the weekend after an update and return to 3 days. 6 day contests seems a bit exhausting for me to keep up with at least. I personally liked the contests being a weekend only thing because there was very little invasion overlap.

I almost feel like I’m in a toxic relationship with Perblue because they give free double drops just before a big update to “help with the contest” but that puts you behind in the grand scheme of it all if you were to take advantage of it.

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