80’s rule baby

I would love for Roger Rabbit to be added to the game i mean think about the Disney cameos

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Welcome to the forums, I would love roger abbot in the game as it is one of my favorite Disney movies, but due to rights I don’t think he can come because of legal issues (that don’t have to do with characters from other properties in the movie) with steven Spielberg, but hey slinky made it into the game

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Are there copy rights issues with him? Unless i am wrong who framed roger rabbit is a disney movie

I think there isn’t he is or was at Disney world, He would make an okay game character, but maybe they won’t add him due to the innapropriatness to the movies.

It is, it just has characters from other companies

Nurse! is one

@Missing_Lyrics Got a point there and i was thinking the same thing

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