A Complete List of Heroes with Passive White Skills

Hello! I am @Imagineer_V and I will be making a complete list of all heroes with Passive Skills! To be on the list the character must have a passive ability given by PerBlue. I am also including heroes that let players choose an ally or enemy when not on auto. A quick disclaimer- this will always be in construction as new heroes are added to the game. Formatting may also change as the guide is being built. This guide will feature the list of heroes as well as a dropdown detailing what the skill does, just like it says in the game. If others are willing to help out and field test these skills, it would also include pros and cons to these unique abilities and maybe some more information!


Gerald Marlin & Nemo

White Skill- Seagull Swoop
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Gerald, Nemo, and Marlin begin each wave on Gerald’s rock. When Gerald is knocked back, they fall off this rock, unable to use skills or basic attacks until they climb back on. While on Gerald’s rock, they take 70% less damage from all sources.
Active: A swarm of seagulls swoops overhead, dealing X damage to the front most enemy and enemies around them.

Pros: This trio of heroes is definitely an interesting one. Pretty much as long as they remain on their rock, they are a strong opponent or member of the team. They work well with a variety of heroes with abilities all across the board. They have great synergy with blind and stun heroes that can prevent opponents from using knockback on them.

Cons: Many counters exist for this trio. This includes heroes with strong knockback that target frontliners, as well as Tron and other control heroes that can easily debuff them, who will soon be available to a majority of players.


White Skill- Shark Bite
:shield: True Damage
Passive: Maui takes 25% less damage when he is at full energy.
Active: When enemies within melee range of Maui have less than X HP, he transforms into a shark and bites them, dealing X true damage.
Maui won’t use this skill until he can KO an enemy.
True damage ignores armor and reality.

Pros: The instant KO can really help if your team attacks deal lots of damage and sets specific targets on certain heroes for quick easy KOs from Maui as an enemies HP gets close to 0. Supports and others that increase allies’ stats can help him out a lot. The fact that he has the rare true damage is very helpful.

Cons: Maui needs a major refresh if this skill is to work well against the current strong heroes and teams. If it takes a long time for him to use this skill, he becomes vulnerable despite the passive ability, especially against the newer heroes.

Oogie Boogie

White Skill- Quite A Fright
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Oogie Boogie’s basic attacks deal fantastic damage instead of normal damage.
Active: Oogie grins a terrifying grin, dealing X damage to all enemies, scaring all enemies for 17 seconds, and healing himself for X HP.

Pros: Oogie is one of the best scarers in the game, despite being an older hero. He has some very strong stats, can support himself well, and is a fabulous user of fantastic damage, which can really hurt even the strongest of teams. He works very well with fellow scaring pals and supports that can boost his movement speed, as he is a slower tank than most.

Cons: Oogie, being very slow, has one very strong counter now. Winnie the Pooh and his stackable slows can slow Oogie down until he can no longer make attacks for a quick easy KO. Oogie also does not have the best synergy with players outside his scaring niche and is only great in certain situations.


White Skill- Deadly Nightshade
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Sally’s basic attacks apply a stack of “Poison” to each enemy hit. Each stack of “Poison” deals X damage every second for 10 seconds before it is removed, and can stack up to 3 times.
Active: Sally consumes all stacks of “Poison,” dealing X additional damage per stack of “Poison” to poisoned enemies.

Pros: Her stacks of Poison are very powerful, and can be very annoying in a variety of game modes. She can survive really well, especially with her second chance.

Cons: She provides little protection to her allies and is more of a damage character. She does not do very well in Auto, as her stacks of poison would not be pushed to its limit. Similar to Oogie, she is a slower hero.


White Skill- Final Lap
:fist: Normal Damage
Passive: Shank negates up to X damage from each attack against her and stores 50% of the damage negated. She can store a max of X damage.
Active: Shank summons her car and barrels through her enemies, dealing X damage plus all of the damage stored by her passive. This resets her damage storage.

Pros: Her damage resistance that comes from her passive ability is the only of its kind. This damage resistance to armor can be very helpful, especially since she can use it to deal extra damage to enemies. Her ability to heal herself is also great. She has many options for teams that benefit her and the allies.

Cons: She is one of the weakest tanks and is barely usable. She has a large number of very powerful counters including those that can knockback, deal lots of Fantastic damage or True damage, and shred armor. Hopefully she can get a refresh to help her become a force to be reckoned with. I actually remember people saying how powerful she was before she became old!

Winnie the Pooh

Notable: Winnie the Pooh’s basic attack not only apply his status effect to enemies, but also heal himself.
White Skill- Rumbly Tummy
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Basic attacks apply 2 stacks of sticky “Hunny” to nearby enemies.
Active: The bees come looking for Pooh’s honey. The bees sting all enemies, dealing X damage plus X damage per stack of “Hunny.”

Pros: Winnie the Pooh is one of the best tanks currently out there, especially one with a passive skill. His white skill is very potent to basically every opponent. The hunny never stops stacking, even after using the active ability in the white skill. Even if affected by most disables, his hunny stacks cannot be stopped.

Cons: Despite having practically no counters, if an enemy is slowed to the point they cannot be killed, it is an easy victory for the enemies. It is also super important to use the white skill at the right time so that his skill is used to its full potential. This means he is not at his best on auto.



White Skill- Boil Over
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Anger gets a stack of "Rage"every time he damages an enemy with a basic attack. Anger can have a maximum of 5 stacks of “Rage.”
Active: Anger blows his top and consumes his stacks of “Rage,” dealing X damage instantly and X damage per stack of “Rage” over 5 seconds to all enemies.

Pros: Damage over time is a rare thing in terms of all the heroes we have so far. The damage over time can really help defeat some very annoying creeps and heroes. His ability to go Berserk also helps him deal even more damage. He has good synergy with a large variety of heroes. He especially works well with Joy, which makes total sense. I do not have him, so I cannot really say much about his skills.

Cons: Because he cannot infinitely stack his “Rage” he is not as potent as he can be. He cannot be used to his fullest potential on auto. Characters with lots of disables and invincibility can make things hard for Anger to do his thing.


Notable- Belle is the 1st ever fully passive hero meaning all her skills with animations have some passive ability.
White Skill- Chop Down
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Belle begins combat carrying a book, gaining 250.0 energy with each page she reads. Belle’s skills change effect depending on whether she is carrying a book or a stick.
Active: Belle switches between carrying a book and defending herself with a stick, or vice versa.
When Belle uses “Chop Down” while carrying a stick, she calls on her father’s wood chopping machine to charge though enemies and deal X damage. If reading her book, Belle also grants allies 1 stack of hardy.
Green Skill- No Distractions
Passive (Stick only): Belle gains X basic damage. Belle gains 20% of this basic damage for the rest of the wave each time she uses “Chop Down.”
Skill (Book only): Belle can dodge one attack every 7.0 seconds. When she dodges, she also gains a shield with X HP that lasts 9.0 seconds and gains 400.0 energy.
Blue Skill- A Bit Alarming
:fist: Normal Damage
Passive (Book only): Belle gains X skill power. Belle gains 20% of this skill power for the rest of the wave each time she uses “Chop Down.”
Skill (Stick only): Belle takes on the closest enemy, dealing X damage, sapping them for 11.0 seconds, and knocking them back.

Ok this is gonna be long…

Pros: I personally LOVE Belle. She is one of my favorite Disney characters and heroes in the game. What makes her special is that she is kind of an underdog in the game. I totally recommend investing in her. Ok personal opinion aside now, the stat boosts she gains are really nice buffs that help her make her the damage character she is. Not only that, but she can give hardy to allies and has synergy with many many characters. I would like to highlight Rapunzel especially since she can give Belle hardy and energy. The energy gain she has is a godsend when it comes to her, especially since she can become vulnerable quickly. Pretty much as long as she can use Chop Down, Belle is unstoppable.

Cons: Although she has many positives, not every hero is perfect. She can be vulnerable, like I said earlier, without a strong healer or support hero, since she can be easily targeted. Disables and debuffs are another way to stop her from her stat gains and other buffs that contribute to her survival.

Jack Skellington

White Skill- Master of Fright
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Jack sets his pumpkins aflame, making his basic attacks do Fantastic damage while dealing an additional X damage over 3 seconds.
Active: Jack twists his face into a horrible sight, scaring enemies for 6 seconds and stunning them for 2 seconds. The scare and stun have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Pros: The fact that Jack’s basic attacks do Fantastic Damage is great as it can harm very strong teams. He also has the rare damage over time, which can be very annoying in various game modes. He might be old, but can still work in certain teams with this special skills. When he has his active and scares and stuns all enemies can also be quite bothersome and hard to deal with. Like Sally, I remember when people said he was powerful and worth upgrading.

Cons: Although he can be powerful in certain situations, Jack needs a major refresh to be effective once again. While he can be a good defender, he is not an offensive hero, especially since the most potent part of his active skill has a chance to fail on enemies. The durations of his effects in this skill are not up to the current meta and would need to be increased for him to join the super powerful heroes for him to scare his way to many victories once again.


White Skill- Ecstatic Charge
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Megavolt’s basic attacks apply 4 stacks of “Charged” to enemies, slowing enemies’ movement speed with “Charged” by 5% per stack up to a max of 50%.
Active: Megavolt consumes all stacks of “Charged,” causing electricity to bounce between enemies equal to the number of stacks consumed. Each electrical bounce of the electricity deals X damage.


White Skill- Mosquito Scourge
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Pleakley applies stacks of “Mosquitos” to enemies he damages with his basic attack.
Active: Pleakley sends a swarm of mosquitos at enemies, dealing X damage to all enemies and bonus damage over time to enemies with mosquitos on them.


White Skill- Scream Selection
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
The player chooses an enemy, then Randall becomes invisible and crawls to that enemy. He then becomes visible, scaring nearby enemies for 10 seconds and striking the chosen target twice, dealing X damage.
While on auto, Randall chooses the enemy with the most HP.

Scrooge McDuck

White Skill- Coin Collection
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Scrooge McDuck’s basic attack drops 2 coins on the ground for him to collect later.
Active: Scrooge McDuck pulls out a giant magnet and pulls all of his coins back to him, dealing X damage for each coin that passes through enemies.



White Skill- Happy-Go-Lucky
Passive: Joy gains X skill power for every stack of “Happiness” that she has! Joy can have a maximum of 10 stacks of “Happiness!”
Active: Joy heals her team for X +X HP and gains 3 stacks of “Happiness!”

Li Shang

White Skill- Raging Fire
:fist: Normal Damage
Passive: Li Shang starts battle in his heal stance, healing himself for X HP with each basic attack and healing allies for 50% of what he heals himself. Li Shang also gains X armor while in this stance.
Active: The player chooses which stance Li Shang switches to, giving himself and allies a shield with X HP that lasts 13.0 seconds and dealing X damage to nearby enemies. While on auto, Li Shang will switch between all available stances.


White Skill- Witty Riposte
Passive: Instead of having a basic attack, the player chooses an ally for Megara to link with at the start of battle. While the battle is on auto, Megara chooses the front-most ally at the time of link activation. Megara diverts 25.0% of all damage taken by the linked ally to herself and the linked ally cannot fall below 1 HP while Megara is in the fight.
Active: Megara charms the 3 closest enemies for 5 seconds.


coming soon


White Skill- Healing Breath
Passive: Instead of a standard basic attack, Rafiki shakes his stick, healing himself for X HP.
Active: Rafiki mediates for 11 seconds healing X HP per second and reducing damage received by 80%. Rafiki cannot be disabled during this skill.


Davy Jones

Purple Skill- Black Spot
The player chooses an enemy for Davy Jones to mark with a black spot at the start of each wave. The selected enemy is cursed until they are KO’d, then the curse jumps to the closest target. While the battle is on auto, Davy Jones chooses the back-most enemy to receive the black spot at the start of each wave.


White Skill- Snake Charmer
The player chooses an enemy for Jafar to charm until he runs out of energy. The charmed enemy’s basic damage is increased by X while they are charmed.
While on auto, Jafar chooses the closest enemy to charm.


White Skill- Tiger Strike
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Passive: Rajah enters the battle alongside Jasmine with X HP and deals X with each basic attack.
Active: The player chooses an enemy for Rajah to pounce on, damaging them for X damage and stunning them for 10 seconds. While on auto, Rajah will choose the closest enemy to Jasmine. This will resummon Rajah at full HP if he has been KO’d in battle.


Just a small question: Why did you make this?

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I think it could help concept makers have faster access to passive skills for inspiration. That was my main reason. Also, some of these can be really powerful and it might be good for people to see the pros and cons to each. For example, these passive skills sometimes mean that the heroes need strong supports to survive for longer

It’s a great idea, good job!

thank you! Would you be willing to field test?

Test characters?

yep. specifically for the passive skill(s), if that is even possible lol

Yes, i’ll do that.

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One fact that the game does not specify as in other characters, is that the passive of Winnie The Pooh also cures it.

could you be more specific? also I just finished the damage heroes

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Winnie’s basic attacks heal him and also add Hunny to enemies.

I will add that then! Thank you!

Support characters have been added. Would it be beneficial for people if I also feature the skills that improve the skills with passive abilities?

Ok so for now, until Davy Jones and others heroes with passive skills, the guide’s basics are complete. I will add more in the future and keep it up to date. I will also be working on field testing, but I need help because I do not have some of these heroes.

I have all these heroes.

Awesome! I would really need someone to do Jafar for sure because he is the only one I do not have.

OK, i’ll look at him rn.

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Jafar is really great his snake charmer skill when his energy is up you can press it and charm whoever you want when not on auto. I would suggest charming the other team’s tank or the greatest damage dealer.

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Update! Davy Jones purple skill added.

Pleakley, one of the newest heroes, has been added!

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