A couple of changes coming to the Battle Pass!

We have a couple more changes coming to the November Battle Pass!

  • Stamina Packs (with server based scaling) have been added to every Tier - some rewards have been shifted around to accommodate this, though overall no rewards have been removed
  • Daily Quest Point Limit is being raised from 10 to 11

That’s it for right now!


Is this because less people than anticipated were completing all the tiers of the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass was very easy to complete well within the season with a small amount of activity.

If that is the case, I would prefer time were spent on fixing the root causes of player inactivity, rather than making the Battle Pass easier as a band-aid :thinking:

The introduction of stamina boosts looks welcome, although in terms of value the Premium Pass is still only very marginally better (if at all!) than buying good deals individually


Looks like for the Point Limit that’ll get updated a bit after the new Battle Pass goes live as our dev who worked on it is out today. It’ll still be in November’s Battle Pass just not immediately it’ll most likely be when the 4.4 patch goes live.

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The visual change was done before the hero change. I bought the 22´s Premium Pass today, it showed stamina but got none :joy: I did send it to support.

@Loutre would be nice if free tiers got at least 50% of the packs per tier. Just a suggestion because again F2P players get nothing.

Also, I don’t know why it went live before announcement and why it was let for anyone to buy despite giving different rewards and not what is shown…

Same with the exclusive hero chips… wouldn’t be out of question to give F2P players half of the hero chips you give in premium pass… 10 chips do nothing we all know that.


Free Path

  1. Move 10 hero chips to the first tier
  2. Every 5th tier should give 50 hero chips
  3. Double all other rewards
  4. Every 4th tier should give 150-300 stamina packs (as on S1)
  5. Final tier could give 200 hero chips and 2000 skill chips

Premium Path

  1. Double hero and skill chips
  2. Double the stamina


  1. Give extra 5 tiers
    • These tiers could be more exclusive and give epic keys, mission speed-ups, double drop bags, and more hero and skill chips

Why every 4th tier. Give it every tier, 425 packs.

There’s something called comparative advantage. And so far it’s more on those that buy the premium pass. It should be an extra, not the main thing. So far it’s not.

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I thought the Battle Pass was going to be Meilin Lee for November? I still see 22 there and wasn’t 22 last month’s Battle Pass?

The update hasn’t come out yet so the changes haven’t happened, have some patience please.

Next time, pls clarify which kind of battle pass gets updated? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I expected some changes to free one…but literally nothing…

Got my hope up for nothing…

This was done specifically to give players who are more passive players an easier chance to finish as we saw some who purchased the Battle Pass were not completing it.

I guess and @Loutre might probably confirm… that the free pass won’t be changed whatsoever. Which is sad.

… are there any other changes planned?!
At all…

^ Like I said!


Can we give the players that are more active something to do after they complete the Battle Pass? We already have 1 week of nothing to do / no rewards, now it will be even longer.

Other games have an extra “infinitely repeatable level” after the last regular level that just gives a small reward when complete then resets (in DH terms it could be e.g. 50 gems or something similar of your choice).


Could you give me more possible examples of things you’d like to see?

Sorry, not sure I get the question :hugs:

If you mean possible examples of small rewards - a few mod fragments, 5 hero chips, some disk power, a city watch reset maybe?

If you mean alternatives to having an infinite level at the end to keep the battle pass interesting past completion, sadly I don’t recall seeing anything worthwhile to share :slightly_frowning_face:

This is what I meant. If you think of anything let us know!

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Something like a ‘War Crate’ style reward picker every… 10 etc. Quests completed over the BP completion would be cool :+1: Legendary War Crate reward type/amount would actually seem about right, these have scaled really badly as a monthly prize but would be suitable for a smaller thing like this.

The design for this could be that the progress bar ‘loops back around’ in a new colour - much in the way a Hero energy bar can overflow in battle. The same progress tiers could then be reused for the completion, only again!


Well, that’s good for me…i need a little help to get mei Lee on the battle pass so…thanks @Loutre

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