A couple of changes coming to the Battle Pass!

I kinda relate to the people asking to have more “privilege” if they spent a lot on this game. It feels like a drag away to constantly pump money to be somewhat relevant.

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I have never spent money on microtransactions in the typical sense, if I spend money on free games it is because of that it is more so Pay Once DLC like story content, rather than like power increasing microtransactions.

I generally rather spend my money on a AAA game, Indie game or DLC, like paying for content that last and doesn’t diminish in value over time.

So yeah, given the fact that PerBlye focus on microtransactions that diminish in value over time I am not planning to spend.

I am up for paying for story content as that content last, like buying a online comic. So yeah, got to be of the type of spending that last in value.

Yeah, looks like we pretty much get scammed, and they keep saying to understand and own their error.

"Hello there,

Thank you for writing back.

I understand what you are saying, since affected players who purchased the Premium Battle Pass on November 1 before the problem was fixed received compensation, we came to the conclusion that your account was not entitled to it for the Battle Pass issue.

I really need you to know that we won’t be able to help you with your query because you are not qualified for compensation. Your understanding is much appreciated in this regard.

If you have any other concerns, please do let me know."

Yeah so that’s my third ticket closed now with them saying the same thing.

They didn’t close mine but it is sad how it feels that they understand the error but not willing to fix it. This is the only game that I have spend money on this microtransactions because I really enjoy playing it. Now what ensures me that my next purchase I wouldn’t get scammed again?

Raise a ticket with Google or Apple and state clearly that the product purchased is not the product provided by the company and therefore falls without the terms of service.

PB support is unhelpful when it comes like this, because it is the instruction they were given to respond with.

Or better yet in my case it was firstly @Nugget and then @Loutre who responded to it.

It is not about the changeover from 22 to Meilin Chips, guys!
It is about the visual bug on 31st where the stamina was shown in premium pass but not awarded. That is clearly false advertising and therefore something should have been done for the players purchasing it between the visual change and the announcement happened.


IMHO, I’d wait until Monday and give Nugget or Loutre a chance to respond to this issue before raising it with the relevant app store.

But yes, if the response is “We know the game showed stamina for purchasing the Battle Pass, but that was a mistake so we aren’t going to give any”, I don’t think I’ll be buying anything else from them ever. And I was actually considering buying the Meilin pass later in the month…

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Both Nugget and Loutre already responded to Numi’s ticket:

Both strongly suggesting that only those getting 22 Hero Chips were compensated, not those buying and getting different rewards.

I may cite the responses if you want or share them here. Possible after all.

Nugget is already aware, as I got the same response on my ticket.

I was planning on getting the Battle Pass this month, but the one thing that I need the most (gold) isn’t anywhere on premium level. Can the premium be reworked to have alternate days of stamina and gold? Like stamina on day 1, 3, 5, etc. and gold on day 2, 4, 6, etc.

I like the top row (hero chips, red skill chips, badge boosters, 10x chests, etc.), but I really, really need gold more than stamina packs. And I know the 75 10x chests will result in some gold, but it would be nice to see more gold distributed either from battle pass, premium battle pass, or contests.

You can get a lot of gold from surge, gold in premium BP would make it much less worthy, it’s in a lot of places already.

Better is to ask for more gold in normal BP.

Then how about a mid tier pass designed for new/mid tier players?

I can’t get a lot of gold from surge (my best is around 8m). Some people in some guilds (with max perks, or VIP bonuses) can get a lot of gold.

I can see how the stamina is useful for both mid and upper tier players, but I still need a mix of gold, xp, and stamina. The Port just doesn’t do much for me on s25 even when using multiple port resets.

The buying of gold via diamonds is just crazy out of whack (it costs way too many diamonds for too little gold).

Surge gold rapidly increases as you improve your gameplay. Invest the gold you get in the right heroes. Think about how to fight more effectively in Surge. In no time you will be making 100-200M gold per day from surge and gold will become a non-issue for you.

If you are struggling to improve your tactics then just raid without buying mercenaries. Just follow the star on the map - it shows which zone to raid. For raiding your total power is key, so invest in it. Use most of your gold to max out the skill levels of your heroes, 1 hero at a time. Every 100M gold you spend will give you 1.5M total power (based on current cap level of S25) which will give you 1M gold every day from raiding surge. So all the gold you invest will be returned to you in 100 days, nothing lost. But you will keep getting gold after its repaid :slight_smile: Think of it as a long term investment that grows exponentially the more you invest.

In 100 days from now you will be swimming in gold. I do encourage you to also improve your tactics as that will increase your gold income by 2x on top of raiding. Feel free to poke me in-game for tips, just look for Sweet Dreams guild, you can message me from there (also feel free to join our guild, we have a 20 page long Guild Wall full of game tips! :hugs:)

Yeah, I’m looking forward to see what response I get here. Hope that they are more understandable than the ones managing the support tickets.

Hello! Yes, as said previously the stamina showing more was a visual bug. As of now, 11/6 7:28pm CT, we cannot give out a compensation for the difference in stamina given. HOWEVER, on Monday morning when everyone is back in the office I will hopefully have more of a response on if we CAN give out a compensation.

These things are actually not something we can decide with support, but is an issue we need to confirm with higher ups first. So I will need to wait to see what they will let us do.

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Anything with support is on me as I am the lead of the entire community team across PerBlue.

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I can understand this, but I really hope the higher-ups will decide to honor the pictured deal, bug or not. After all, this isn’t like previous bugged deals that were obviously far more generous than normal (some of which were honored anyway); this is something that was going live on the following day, and so I don’t think it’s possible to argue that players shouldn’t have expected to get the stamina when buying the deal.

(And I’m not arguing on this from selfish grounds, as I didn’t buy the deal myself.)

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I think last week we didn’t have the full idea of what happened and looking into it more I think we will be able to get a compensation it may take a bit to pull the list of everyone who purchased it. I think we were confused regarding the Hero Chip issue and it being a visual bug along with it. So we’ll need to dig into when it switched to that and who purchased it.

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