A Full (not really) Guide to Beating the Heist! And open Q&A about the Heist

Heist Overview:

The Heist is a real-time (meaning what you do cannot be reverted back), cooperative, game mode with 4 other players.


  1. Each player can pick 5 unique heroes. With unique being, if one player picks one hero, for example, Merida, other players cannot pick her for the time being.

  2. Each player can give their own hero a role (investigating, guarding a valuable, resting, or standing guard). They cannot control other heroes except when calling and activating their skills.

  3. While Investigating, the hero investigating can: Successfully getting a clue, or, Getting Ambushed. Successfully getting a clue grants you 1 clue, while a successful defense in Ambush grants you 3 clues. Note that getting defeated in an Ambush will grant you nothing but KO’ed heroes. Also, if the time expires while in an Ambush, even though you have heroes that are not yet KO’ed, at the end of the Ambush, they will get KO’ed no matter what.

  4. A hero, when going to an area, either can run or walk. A hero will only run whenever they have even a sliver of energy left, when a hero has no energy left, they can only resort to walking.

  5. A hero, when KO’ed, needs 1 minute or more to recover. When they are still KO’ed, they cannot do anything but wait until they’ve recovered.

  6. Engaging in an Ambush can only be triggered by the hero’s owner. While catching the thief, defending a Valuable and clearing the Hideout, it can be triggered by anyone.

What happens and How to counter:

  1. Hero Rosters

This can be where problems can start. Since the Heist has an array of Creeps (Brutes, Mages, Skeletons, Ghouls, you name it), it would be best if your roster had a mixture of Normal and Fantastic Damage Dealers, especially if the heroes have a mixture of Skills that deal Normal and Fantastic Damage. As much as possible, don’t pick a full-on Support (Non-Damaging) Hero like Woody (I’m so sorry Woody, but you’re practically useless in a Heist). He only deals basic damage. Unless you improve his “Favorite Deputy”, he’s useless. Believe me, whenever he Investigates, he’s the one most likely to get Ambushed.

  1. Starting of Heist

After the Hero Rosters, you should take note of this. Poor coordination can lead to a very bad start. If you’re the one initiating the Heist, make sure you have at least 3 members (including yourself) that are ready to start the Heist. As much as possible, you should get at least 2 steps ahead of the Thief. This way, you can make sure that each one of you will contribute as much as possible. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

  1. Valuables and Investigations

Since there are 10 valuables and 25 heroes at max, placement of heroes are the key to completing the Heist. Also, hope that RNG is on your side, it could turn the tables. By “turn the tables”, I mean RNG will clump the Valuables in a compact area instead of putting them far apart. Since there are 5 of you at max, each of you should place 2 heroes on Guard at Valuables. Once you done that, place your remaining 3 on Investigation near the Valuables. This way, if a hero is either Ambushed or a Valuable is in danger of being stolen, they can aid the Hero fighting and they can get to it quicker.

  1. Getting Ambushed

As stated, when finishing an Investigation, you either find a clue successfully, or get ambushed. Engaging in an Ambush recklessly should be avoided. Since you’re the only one who can trigger the Fight, you can place your extra (Investigating) heroes near the Ambushed, this way they can get to the place faster. Also, make sure that the Ambushed is not a Hero like Woody, if it cannot be avoided; it’s fine, as long as the Heroes near the Ambushed are a mixture of Normal and Fantastic Damagers. Note that you should be quick when placing the heroes because the Ambush has a timer.

  1. Always have a backup plan.

Now, this is relative to the other counters. Place your heroes near the Ambushed; Call them if necessary, etc. This time, a new counter is added: Judging. If you prepared the heroes near the Ambushed, engage. Judge first if you think the Hero needs backup. If they need backup, don’t hesitate to call them.

  1. Calling Heroes

This is a problem when engaging in a fight. Most players, especially the new ones, when engaging in a fight, call all the available heroes. If you engage, there are 4 heroes you could call, there’s a purple bar above the hero. If a hero has a diamond on top of it, don’t call them. It will cause them to abandon their post, thus making the Valuable vulnerable to being stolen from. If a hero has a magnifying glass on top of it, wait for it to expire, and then call it if you really need to. If you call a hero while the magnifying glass timer hasn’t expired yet, the Investigation will be interrupted and you’ll be back to square one. If heroes have low energy, call them if you have to, especially if they are near. If heroes have low energy and are very far, don’t call them, it will be useless.

  1. Clearing the Hideout

This is the only exception in Calling the Heroes. If you start the Hideout Fight, call all the heroes immediately, no questions asked. You’ll need those boosts from the extra heroes. The thief can stun and damage really badly.

  1. Starting Fights

Like engaging in an Ambush, don’t be rash when starting Fights. Be coordinated, decide who will engage. If it can’t be avoided, at least put your heroes closer to the area.

  1. Investigating

This is a problem in Heist… even if people’s heroes are very far, they’d put them in Investigation very far away. To counter this, just Investigate in your starting area, if your hero gets called in a battle and it finishes, stay in that area and continue Investigating.

  1. Energy Saving

This is one of the problems I’m really annoyed with when doing Heist, this is connected to Investigating. People would Investigate very far, not noticing that the said Hero’s energy is drained or almost drained, wasting time and energy at the same time. If an Investigation point takes any hero for more than 20 seconds, don’t even think of continuing that Investigation, you’ll waste time and energy. Let’s say a Hero is going to an Investigation (if running) takes 10 seconds, but it takes (if walking) about twice to thrice the time just to get there. Be observant, if you see that your hero’s energy is drained or almost drained, just let them rest (a.k.a not going anywhere) as this lets them gain energy. Resting is better than Investigating in terms of gaining energy.

Thank you guys for reading this. If you have any suggestions or improving these Tips, don’t hesitate to reply. Also, if you want to ask questions regarding this Guide or the Heist, reply your questions if you need to :blush:.

I’ll be updating this from time to time. Thanks!


The problem is everyone starts the fight immediately
I started a medium heist and my teammate found the hideout and started attacking and lost
It’s not like it has a timer or something lol

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That’s why coordination is the key…

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A few more strategies that my guild regularly uses (we can pretty consistently clear Hard losing no more than 1 or 2 gems):

AMBUSHES: A hero who’s ambushed can take no other action until the ambush is either won or lost, so sometimes it’s better to simply let them lose. It’s only a temporary inconvenience to wait a minute for them to revive. Don’t call other heroes unless you think you can win, and NEVER call heroes who are guarding gems.

THIEF BATTLES: Whoever controls the hero that spotted the Thief is the one who starts the fight. You have 60 seconds before the timer runs out, so wait for other heroes to get close before you begin. In this case, during the fight it’s okay to call heroes guarding gems, since it’s more important to win, and the Thief can’t steal gems when she’s already in an encounter. If you see a gem guard called away, send one of your heroes to take their place. If the timer to start gets down to less than 5 seconds, someone else can start the fight, since the person controlling the hero who spotted may be occupied in an ambush elsewhere.

HIDEOUT: Whoever is hosting the Heist starts the Hideout battle. There’s no timer, so there’s no need to rush. If the host wants heroes for the fight other than ones they control, ask for them to be sent over. Any heroes other than those requested should move away from the Hideout so they don’t interfere. Once near the Hideout, heroes can be set to Rest to recover energy.


Love these thanks guys! But just one thing to say and it isn’t a big deal XD but @HeroSSWin as far as I can tell, the heist starts of with one of the gems being stolen an i right? Also another question: isn’t it important to prioritize ambushes seeing as how that is where you will get heist coins from? I get not costing the game because of it but it is important too right? Sorry if I sound like a noob…I kind of an but whutever…

Ambushes are important only if you can win it. If you call all available heroes but still lose it, not only will you not get the 3 heist tokens, you end up with 5 KO’ed heroes instead of 1.

Also, if you were to call a guarding hero, the theif might end up stealing the valuable. So you might get the 3 tokens for winning the ambush but you lose 30 tokens for losing the valuable.

Finally, with regards to the 1st valuable being stolen immediately, it’s not true but it relies on your luck and the RNG. The thief usually takes about 2-5 secs to steal the 1st valuable. So if you lucked out and happenned to get to it before the thief, then u’ll have a chance for a perfect heist.

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Nice guide, could help a lot of players; especially newer ones.

One more tip I’ll add, during attacks do not use your white special attacks if you don’t need to. So turn auto off if it’s an easy battle.

This will leave the characters with more energy post battle to help sprint around the map.


If you win Ambushes, you’ll get 3 Heist Tokens and 3 Clues…


That is a very essential tip. You should judge whenever you’ll use your skill or not, energy is very essential in the Heist.

Sorry i missed out the 3 clues. But if you pull in 4 other heroes and still lose the ambush, that’s an extra 4 mins of KO time (4 heroes x 1 minute).

1 investigation takes 20 secs + 20 secs of travel (assuming that’s the average). That’s 6 potential investigations (or 6 clues) that you would have wasted.

Anyways, just to clarify, i’m not against ambushes. All i’m trying to say is to make good judgement calls. And think before pressing on every button you see.

I do lots of ambushes as well cos it’s an excellent way to recover energy. Sometimes i even pull in others for the ambush eventhough i could win it alone just to help boost the other teams’ energy.

This is actually not a very difficult game mode. It just needs some patience and communication.


I haven’t lost a heist yet…not bragging cuz I couldn’t do it alone but still it’s an axhievement

If you want to farm coins just solo a medium on your own and don’t bother protecting valuables until there’s 1 or 2 left. And don’t do the hideout fight. You can make more on fights than on jewels as long as you have all 5 hero’s in each fight… and your are okay with making the heist a longy

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Counters added:

  1. Energy Saving

  2. Investigating

Will be updating from time to time…

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I have a question for you about heist that has been bothering me…does health matter? I mean duh if they KO the y die for a minute but i believe i have finished a thief fight or ambush with a character at low health. However the next fight they seem to have full HP again can you explain this too?

Remaining health does not matter after a fight. As long as your hero survives even if it’s with 1 HP, you will start the next fight with full Health. What is more important is energy as it will affect your travelling time and how you start your next fight.

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Just to add on (based on my own limited experience. Kindly correct me if i’m wrong):

Energy saving tip 1: turn off auto battle. So your heroes will not use up all the energy eventhough you can win the fight without using any white skills.

Energy saving tip 2. Resting recovers energy. Guarding does not. So if your hero is guarding a random spot(not diamond), put them to rest to recover their energy.

Energy saving tip 3: try to maintain at least 50% energy. At 50%, you should be able to sprint to anywhere from the center of the map.

Investigation tip 1: it is better to investigate in groups of 4/5 (preferably with heroes from different players). So if 1 of the heroes triggered an ambush, you don’t have to wait for support to arrive (and you don’t have to resort to calling diamond heroes). And if the heroes are from different players, everyone will get the bonus 3 heist tokens.

Investigation tip 2: slowly investigate your way to the center of the map if it’s within the white circle. In times of emergency, your heroes can be deployed to anywhere on the map more readily.

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XD most of that is true…but i think everyone gets the points for an ambush not just the players that were in it. Also i usually investigate with all my heroes (especially if i join when all valuables are being guarded) that way i can look out for my own troops and dont have to worry about noobs or pros or whoever stealing all my energy and then leaving the troop way across the map outside the white circle where it takes it 2:00 to move any where…XD

Nope. You get tokens only if your hero participated in the fights. But i totally agree with you that sometimes it’s better to look out for your own troops. My suggestions above is only for an ideal scenario (i have never experienced it in a public heist).

I’m just putting it out there hoping that enough people get it and in the long run, public heists will not be such a risky experience.

I didnt know they were XD but then i do only play easy and th at is only so i complete the daily quest…if i am being honest with myself i am too weak for medium heists!

Energy saving is a thing? I’ve being missing out alot…

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