A Passionate, Concerning and Caring Message for PerBlue and the Fanbase

Hi everyone, NintIce2000 here. Sorry it’s been a long time since I posted, but I’m here today with this message because I’ve been made aware of some controversies surrounding this game regarding treatment of players as well as the frequency of content. I am a VERY big fan of this game and respect PerBlue, but I of course don’t excuse them of the mistakes they make, so today I am going to give my two cents on the situation as well as provide a note for the community. Here we go.

Let’s get the negative out of the way first. As much as I love this game with all of my heart, I do still recognize that it has it’s flaws. The most notable one being that the roster is very…VERY unbalanced. This issiue is a common thing with games containing huge rosters, but DHBM is probably the worst case of this, to the point that some characters are clearly better than others which cause competitive elitists to spam the crap out of the same teams over and over again(People in Server 22 are ESPECIALLY guilty of this-_-). As a result I do get significantly less enjoyment out of the competitive modes, as well as Creep Surge and City Watch as levels are seemingly based on other people’s teams. The next issue is honestly a bit opinionated, but at the same time I do understand. I personally DON’T MIND the monthly level cap increase because PerBlue at least has those Team Catch Up Challenges which gives you tons of Stamina items and Badges when you reach the required level, and to take advantage of this I try not to max out my level before the next cap increase so I can get the prizes. So on that note, yes the constant cap increases can be annoying for lower leveled players, but PB at least HELPS YOU catch up. HOWEVER, like I said before I do see the problems with this. I myself made a secondary account in Server 2 to test out the newest characters when they come out, and I almost CAN’T enjoy playing on that account because some of the modes such as Invasion are IMPOSSIBLE for me. Not only that but it constantly divides the F2P and P2W players by forcing you to pay up in order to get more stamina to power up. Last but not least, the final point I want to make links up with the last one, and that is the notice of an increase of FtN Contests that have been happening. Do you remember the last time we had a Contest based on Infected Levels? Well neither do I because FtW is chosen CONSTANTLY!!!. It is SO FREAKING ANNOYING, it forces more people to pay money to win big, and it downright makes PerBlue greedy. I don’t like considering them a greedy company, which I’ll get back to later, but moves like this are especially shady and does not make your reputation look good as a developer.

For this next segment, I want to bring the fact that PerBlue DOES care about it’s fans into the light. DHBM is WAAAAAAAY more F2P friendly than other mobile games with microtransactions, especially Disney Emoji Blitz and COUGH COUGH Mario Kart Tour. We get tons of free stuff from Invasion, Daily Sign Ins, the Weekly Quest and especially Contests EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Think of another mobile game that provides that many goodies to you weekly/daily. PerBlue even gives us free stuff when there’s an error with the game! Don’t you remember that JUST RECENTLY we got FREE MODS OF EVERY TYPE because they knew about the Invasion Rotation Error? Finally, PerBlue just made an ENTIRE THREAD saying that they KNOW about the problems you have with this game and WANT TO FIX THEM.

This leads into my final segment for this post. Guys…STOP COMPLAINING ok? Game Development is very hard and TAKES TIME. The State of The Game post was A MONTH AGO and people are already claiming that the developers are fibbing just because the last big update didn’t address them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Guys they KNOW about the issues and like I said Game Development TAKES TIME. So if you expect PerBlue to just snap away all of the issues on day 1 of the new month, well I’m sorry but prepare to be disappointed. I have been playing since September of last year and have seen the game improve SIGNIFICANTLY since then. Did it take them 1 week? NO. Because instead of stressing about including everything in one massive patch ASAP, they take time to tackle the problems bit by bit in order to provide a clean experience. Quality over Quantity people. If you want to leave the game now, it’s perfectly fine. But please stop pressuring PerBlue to meet your demands on the dot. It only makes you look entitled, toxic and downright ungrateful.

In conclusion, Disney Heroes Battle Mode like EVERY GAME IN EXISTENCE NO MATTER HOW GOOD OR BAD THEY ARE, has it’s flaws. However, PerBlue knows about said flaws and are working hard to fix and address them. I apologize for the rant earlier but it kind of saddens me how people raise the stakes on the developers with the recent updates. I’m not saying that I DISAGREE with you, as like you I want this game to have success for many years to come, but harassing and demonizing the developers is NOT the way to go. I have confidence that WITH TIME, Disney Heroes Battle Mode will once again be a place for all types of players to have fun, and will continue to give us more content to enjoy.

@Polaris, I would appreciate it if you forwarded this message to the staff, as well as another post I’m going to make in the furture talking about more issues i want to see resolved that I didn’t address here. But I want you to know this. I am not making this blog to harass or yell at you, but rather to show that I am a passionate player that wants you guys to succeed. Thank you so much for all of your hard work to make this game the best that it can be, and I look forward to what you have in store for 2020 and beyond.

And for everyone else, please stop harassing the developers. Making everyone happy, especially in games like this, is not easy and threatening to leave the game will only make them feel bad.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you all have a good day. Pice


Not ASAP though. The solo deals? They were a way to make PB more money. And I do not think they even recognized it as an issue in the “State of the Game” post

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While yes I do agree that the solo deals in the other servers are bad. But you don’t HAVE to buy them. Just ignore them and move on with your day. Besides games like this have microtransactions regardless and the value for your dollar is at least more appreciated compared to Mario Kart Tour


@NintIce2000 We get tons of free stuff from Invasion, Daily Sign Ins, the Weekly Quest and especially Contests EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

It’s not right. Actually rewards are awful, and even if it good, it’s impossible to get.


First of all, this game’s amazing due to the stories and diverse roster, and I want to thank Perblue for this. Although, the level cap raise may be a scar to the game for like the majority of the DHBM player base, the devs said that the reason for this is because they wanted to balance the experiences for players both new and old(in a way to prevent boredom to some players), I actually wasn’t surprised at their response, since I knew and understood that at the first place. In fact, I didn’t care about the level cap raise at all. I also think that another and not considered reason on why so many people complain 0000000.1 second later in an update with a level cap raise, is because of how many levels Perblue adds. Like, players might think that 5 is too much, and they could lower the cap addition in the future, in my opinion.

Or they might not have the level cap raise at all for several weeks or so, but since a Campaign chapter is released with that, I think it’s a way to challenge players on that mode(and others).

@NintIce2000 THANK YOU. I agree: you can’t rush the devs to finish something you want so darn bad in one day or in a few hours. Perblue’s figuring out a way to bring good experience to other players too, including you, and even though they’re going through extreme ups and downs, they’re trying their best. “Harassing” others(even the devs)is what leads to a toxic community, and I HATE it to the sun’s core. This game may have its ups and downs and I know that no game is perfect, but argh, the community sometimes. Everyone’s opinions are welcome here, but the ones that go over the line? Straight off transforming into toxicity? God just, NO. If you want to leave this game, leave. Don’t keep throwing trash at the devs: It’s gonna make things worse.

As much as I love this game, I want to leave feedback: the statistical balance of the roster is also something that Perblue needs to consider. We’ve been crushed by Randalls in the competitive field, and he got nerfed at least, but for future consideration, 1)Have older heroes come back from the grave, and 2)Making sure that newer heroes don’t come straight off as OP. I’ve seen Arena and Coliseum teams having the same hero over and over again, and I hope to see some diverse teams in the future. But since Perblue is beginning to bring older heroes back to the competitive field, it’s a good sign.

In other words, here’s an advice: more constructive, less toxic.

I’m gonna admit it, I’d take this game over Mario Kart Tour, since it’s difficult and takes too long for me to catch up and receive those good rewards on that game.


Level cap increasing isn’t problem. Disbalance and awful awards in arena, coliseum, port, invasion , CW and others compared to resources required to max even 1 hero - it’s problem

Thank you so much. This comment was beautifully written in that it both made points I didn’t in the blog as well as agree with the ones I did make. I too HATE toxic fandoms like Smash’s and I’m glad we’re mostly on the same page ^^


At least it’s not as bad as War Robots. That game is a crime against humanity.

I would kindly agree to disagree. People complain Becuase they want to hold perblue or any developer accountable for their actions in hopes to make it good for majority. People have the equal right to complain as those that want to praise. You really think those few items helps players catch up, when in reality the amount of badges and gold needed for skills and badges grow expontially and don’t drop as frequently as required to update all toons, which grow like 4-6 new ones in a month? You may not need all toons updated at once, but actually you do for impossible surges and city watch, or restricted toon contests or invasions. I know people that left for a long period and the catch up rewards doesn’t help them at all, they had to resume whale status to catch up and they are not happy they did. Yes things may take months to create as a developer, but if that’s the case why aren’t the new badges delayed for months if takes so long to do? The complaints aren’t things that just came out in days before, it’s the same complaints months over and over again. Plenty of time to fix things if they been saying things for months (nearly six months in some). And seeing our friends leave Bc they getting burnt out I think is more frequent then players getting bored with the game. Again my opinion, as everyone is entitled to.


Sorry, I’m going to partially disagree with you on game development is hard and takes time. Especially mobile games. A game of this scale can be made with a very small team. And PB as a company is small to begin with. They have 37 employees according to their website and 22 of those arent even on the design/production side. So they literally have maybe 15 true developers working on this game. I worked in the video game industry for a long time for a major video game publisher. I know how these folks think and it’s pretty much all about how much money you can get from your customers before the game dies.


Why is that so?

Lemme see…Rigged prize systems, five different currencies. impossibly expensive upgrade prices and upgrade timers that can take as long as 3 weeks for a single robot or weapon, unfair matchmaking that purposefully pits teams of free to play players against a full squad of 6 champion rank pay to win players, as a way to anger weaker players into buying stuff, Sneaky business practices such as removing store offers or conveniently increasing their price right when you almost have enough parts to assemble a new robot. Needing literal thousands of parts to assemble a SINGLE robot or weapon, which has been proven by multiple youtubers to take well over a year or longer to make if you’re a free to play player. A constant flow of new robots and weapons that significantly overpower the previous batch, forcing players to shell out more money and acquire them or other wise get obliterated by everyone that does have them. EX developers of the game have even came out and explained the shady business practices that go on behind the scenes. Word do not adequately describe this games greed. It must be seen to be believed.


WOOOOOOAH…I actually heard of this game through Death Battle…dang 3 weeks to wait for an upgrade is RIDICULOUS

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So we - players/customers just can’t “COMPLAINING”.
Ok… so if you bought online from market fruits and home-made pizza. BUT you receive rotten fruits and old pizza you can’t complain?
Bring it on then, level 300 and tier rainbow +5 plus 30 new broken heroes.

I think we are playing two different games.

And… so toxic. Uh. More capital letters, please.


I don’t think you have seen server 1…

Their gifts don’t even help significantly

Yeah, before they decreased the prizes by a landslide

It has never been like that

Which is a challenge to get 1M points, especially for low-leveled players


What you talking about? Prizes from Invasion get increased all of the time by adding tiers! Plus you DO get stuff from weekly quest and Daily Sign ins

Most people can’t reach those upper tiers, though.


Although any help is appreciated (with dailies stamania and invasion rewards) it is not proportional to the amount needed for red badges, leveling up past level 100, etc. The rewards in invasion are not what they use to be that made doing invasion worth doing. Besides not everyone has the time to be on the game 24/7 to even complete all tiers as is.


But not enough

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Better than nothing…this only prooves the ungrateful point of my post

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