A Proposal For Per Blue

So everyone here is talking about how the Red Skills idea will be the thing to finally kill this game as far as F2P players go. And I agree. I think it’s about time to change some things @Polaris. Polaris has said that they often take criticism and good ideas to the team, but we never see the team’s response to anything.

And that brings me to my proposal: do a weekly/monthly response post where you quote forum users’ worries and feedback and put the team’s responses to them. Give us the reason behind the ridiculous decisions you guys make(if there even is any). Give us your excuses you surely have for all the terrible decisions y’all have made. Give us a better reason to stay in this game.

Because right now, that reason is getting smaller and smaller by the week. This game will not be able to survive another mass exodus, guaranteed. Your philosophy is clearly, “Cater to the Whales, leave F2P behind.” That is a terrible philosophy because despite not giving you any money(ignoring ad revenue), they are the majority of the community for this game. When the F2P are gone, the Dolphins will have lost not only opponents in every pvp mode, but also low level and medium level guildmates. And when the dolphins are gone, the lower whales will be stuck losing to the higher whales in everything. And when they’re gone, the higher whales will have the entire game to themselves.

But none of us will be here to see it. We’ll all have moved on to a better game where the team listens to and cares about its community. That’s why it’s vital to give us this. Give us our hope for this game, so you can save the game. Or don’t. Let this game die gradually. See what we care. We’re just returning the favor of not caring. It’s in your hands, Per Blue. Make your decision.


And another thing, they treat Portal Quest players better


I’ve got to say these Red skills are literally the last thing ANYONE asked for. This truly shows that Perblue never even intended to actually listen to us. There have been many topics showing lack of interest in adding a fifth Orange Skill, and yet they still went on and made this absolutely unnecessary addition. We’ve been asking for months now for ways to deal with excessive chips, and what did we get: Mods and Red Skills, something only the whales benefit from. Instead of a guild shop or ways to sell the excessive chips that everyone could benefit from.


Agreed. It’s just ridiculous. Why not just make the red skills orange skills instead? Reaching Orange rank is very achievable by an F2P player. Sure it may take around 90-100 days (from day 1) if you play long enough, but it is still worth it! I have been playing for almost a year and I am barely level 112! That is how hard it is to get to Red Rank! I would have been level 105 actually due to the fact I have gotten some bonus team XP after I used a team XP doubler that I got from weekly quests


What they should start doing is having a poll for each new change. A simply “Yes, add it” or “No, don’t”. If at least 75% of the result is “Yes”, they add it. If not, they make changes according to feedback until it is accepted.


If Red rarity will be the max rarity i won’t be upset because you will feel like it’s the end there for the heroe. You don’t need to worry in farming another bunch of ridiculously hard badges, but they stated for the Epic difficult in city watch: red rarity or higher.


But did they really have to add a red skill???

Because Whales were saying that they have too much gold and hero chips. I mean that’s why the are putting a warning when you get close to the hard cap of… 2 billions gold. Who on earth can get that amount of gold to be necessary putting an warning? Whales, who else?


What are whales (not the animal kind i persume)

Whales in videogames: people that spend big amounts of money in the game monthly or weekly.

Big sum of money: around $100DLS a month or week.


Returning to the topic: I really feel that the idea was to make special the red rarity… But THIS wasn’t the correct way to do it.
This feels like the deadline before they sold the game to someone else, so they can’t be blamed to ruin the game.
Like selling the Titanic when you are close to crash with the iceberg.


We have gone through 8 stage of Orange rarity. 8 freaking stage and we get nothing! Nothing!!!

And suddenly, Red got introduced and New skills are released!

What is that??? What is the point of reaching Orange??? We went through a lot of trouble and for what? Seeing a glimpse of what we could never have???

They promised us a guild shop some updates ago, and until now there is no single news about it!!!

When the change that could actually help each other, they delay or totally forget about it. Because, they are afraid people would stop paying! Just like what they do with our request to have all badge bits in Trial

But guess what? We F2P never pay… at least not for this greedy game!!! Not a freaking cent!!!


Technically 9


Oh yeah. Miscalculation… which just makes it worse


Waitaminute. They don’t care about their players, they heavily reward whales, and they’re just in it for the money… sounds awfuly familiar, doesn’t it?

“And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!”


Gasp! how did we not see this before?!? This explains everything! Per Blue, don’t become a new mobile version of EA.


Youtubers are whales

To be fair, if they did give us answers or “excuses” as you put it, we would just trash the respinses and call em alot of bull.

i’m just saying, it happened in the past…heck, this whole thing did…twice.

History, History, History.

(Do you get the joke at the end?)


This whole „red skill“ idea is just a defensive maneuver to justify another „drain“ instead of giving us a „source“.
I encourage every serious gamer to read the „game mechanics“ section of Wikipedia to get a deeper insight into how these game work.

In adittion for the company these „red skills“ ARE passive skills the are cheap to implement into the game as they require no additional animation - very convenient…make up your own opinion.

What can we expect in the future ?!

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