A stamina contest the week after FTN? Seriously?

A stamina contest the week after FTN? Seriously?


Is not the first time.

But this time is a big Pay to Win Contest.


Yeah its just to soak money out those princess deals anyway…and the rewards are not even worth it…total trash like the contests before. It just gets worse and worse… Per Blew it again :roll_eyes:


I think this is PB experimenting…

Like an experiment gone wrong. Just trying to make a normal special contest, forgetting about the deals. Makes it look like a P2W.

This is just my opinion. Probably everyone else thinks that PB is trying to make DHBM P2W.

Imma get a lot a hate probably

No, it is not a pure stamina contest. Factually, 750K (which is the last to matter) can be achieved freely.
There is NO princess in a shop. Good luck getting the hero chips from elite campaign! (Oh wait, most can´t be raided before Red (Ch21)).
Good luck getting red skill chips if you are not at Red. At that point it is pure luck of Black Market.

From the choices done by PerBlue staff on contests I want to vomit more and more often and to be frankly honest continually.
Why? Balancing in FtN contest is non-existent (99% of the sentient playerbase can tell that Fortify the Network is essentially PerBlue´s piggy bank, hence why it never missed its 3-week periodicity).
Second individual contest is more sincere, but with this one I am led to believe they are turning them into another piggy bank.
Guild contest just shows how low the game is. Being in an at least 25% P2W guild gives you all the rewards. If the whole guild is F2P, prepare for disappointment. Regular disappointment.


In fairness they normally have badge bits after fortify often, which always has a stamina portion to it.

Which contest don’t have stamina usage?
City merchant one! Where you burn tokens?
Arena / coli fights?
City watch?

Most of them also have a gold, diamond or stamina option to score points

The rewards are pathetic anyway. Ima just ignore this contest. Just like FTN (pathetic contest as well unless I see badge booster crates)


Nah, PB already know how far players are willing to go, that’s why we don’t see any significant good changes in contests. This can only change when the players decide so (by not spending).


This is probably the biggest p2w contest I’ve seen so far, make ppl work on weak heroes, and not only one hero like usual, nono

Amazing job pb,


The odds on gold and red skill chests seems to be worse for princesses this weekend as well as CW.

Hardly, it´s just no luck.

Don‘t forget the tripple!! Elite Chip drop we just had on thursday, people probably spend their resets and stamina to farm chips (like i did) and got screwed right away :joy:

The best thing to do is to just ignore those events completely, or make sure you have backup consumables to replace all the stamina you burned.

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Wrong. Ignore the contest not event.
Same with FTN, ignore it not get more stamina event. We can get more out of the event than contests rewards.

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Exactly. Getting chips for what you need matters not getting chips for what contest needs. Or you like to be a slave of a contest? I don´t. Besides chips do not give many points in this contest at all.

FTN is basically payfest. Logical piggy bank. You can´t get more than 40k stamina saved, but it needs 80k. Can´t get 9k diamonds in like… even the 3 weeks mostly (since normal players spend on get more stamina or mega mart, which are muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better)

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