A very small animal


:pig2::pig2:, Frontline, Tank

“It’s awfully hard to be b-b-b-b-brave when you’re such a small animal.”

Basic attack: Piglet throws a small rock at an enemy dealing X damage.

White: Friends in need
Piglet screams becoming frightened for 6 seconds gaining 15 evasion for the duration

If an ally is disabled while Piglet is frightened he removes frightened, cleanses the disable and all others and grants the ally and himself X reality and X armor.

This can trigger on multiple allies if multiple allies were disabled at once.

Green: A small animal
Piglet has a 50% chance to dodge attacks. Whenever he dodges an attack he gains 100 energy.

The dodge has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue: Blustery day
A powerful wind blows Piglet across the screen dealing X damage to enemies and knocking them back. This resets all debuffs on allies and gives them to enemies.

This also triggers at the beginning of each wave.

Purple: Helpful swine
Allies affected by “Friends in need” gain X skill power per disable removed for 12 seconds.

Red: Easily scared
For every 4 seconds Piglet doesn’t have any debuffs or disables he gains X skill power and X armor.

Whenever an enemy debuffs Piglet he gains X skill power but his other buffs are reset to 0.
Stat boosts:

  • +X Max hp
  • +X skill power
  • +X more armor from “Friends in need”


Judy, “Small, but mighty” - More damage to debuffed enemies

For every debuff an enemy they lose X armor
For every debuff an enemy allies deal 10% more damage to them.

  • +10% more damage per star
  • -X armor per level

Pooh, Walk in the park - “Blustery day” skill boost

+X skill power
+X more damage to debuffed enemies from “Blustery day”

The cooldown of “Blustery day” is reduced by 5%.

  • -5% cooldown per star
  • +X skill power and +X damage per level

I hope you enjoyed! :grin:


Cowardly Scream doesn’t exist.

"50% chance do dodge disables. :grimacing:

Oh “Cowardly scream” was the original name but I changed it I’ll fix that

I’ll add the word chance to the green skill


That would be unnoticeable. It’d have to be at least 5% but even that would be very weak.

maybe 10%

But then again if you put King Louie or Pooh with it he will buff allies’ damage insanely!

Yeah, but there’s also Hank(Ra) and Goofy(Je) who have disks that do something similar, but with more power. I’d say 10% is a safe number.

It can never hurt to compare your concept to heroes already in the game to get a feel for how strong or weak they’d be.

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