About "Chance to fail"

Does anyone know if “Chance to fail” increases as level difference increases?

For example, “Stun enemy for x seconds. chance to fail on enemies over level x” Is the chance to fail remain the same if there 1 or 10 levels higher? If so, I think it might not be worth leveling up a lot of skills!


I wonder the same ! A little more explanations would be great, as we don’t know if there is a cap to get, if it worth getting leveled up, if it has to be maxed everytime… Thanks

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Chance to fail is equal to the skill level. Example: If skill level is 20 then it has chance to fail on level 20 characters and below. I believe fail rate is higher the greater the gap is.

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To me it’s obvious that the more difference, the more chance to fail.
I’ve left my WALL-e in the closet for some time, his skills are level 21. When I fight enemies of 25-30, I rarely miss with his white. When I try 40-45, he misses like 80% of the time.


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