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@Loutre just wanted to say, the decrease in diamonds required on all servers is VERY appreciated, it should be a lot more manageable now :grin:

I personally hope it doesn’t mean the duration is going back to 3 days, cause I’ve found the 6 days ones to be much less stressful, but I just wanted the team to know this was a good change!


This contest will be back at 3 days.


Well… thanks for letting us know.

Gonna be honest, it would’ve been nice to know a bit earlier :sweat_smile:


Want to make it known too that just because this one is back to 3 days does not mean we are going to be switching back to 3 day contests.


Okay, thanks for the info

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…the one time I get ready to get 1M on FTN on a 6 day contest it turns out to be 3 day contest


Just my luck :disappointed:


Why all these Swedish Chef hero chips? Is there any chance we can get a better rotation of heroes in the top prize?

Not until a new contest hero is released…

But that would happen regardless of duration and difficulty


@Loutre so with this being a 3 day contest again it’s gonna be really confusing from now on if you guys switch between 3 and 6 day contests without communicating to the player base better maybe a post on the game that this contest will be 3 days and not 6 days would help


I don’t think they are gonna do this.

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They may not but it will still be confusing and a shock when the timer only shows 3 days since we’re so accustomed to 6 days now

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Firstly I wanted to applaud PB dev team for finally realizing that what they ask is too much.

After the message with 3 days. Well I would probably rant and swear elsewhere, but I will make a testament (pretty long actually) of how I see the future of the contest. Hopefully it will be then sent to devs as a whole or at the very least the keypoints of it @Loutre.

What a disgrace is all I say for now.


I personally hope that they do go back to 3’day because I don’t like being in constant contest mode

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I really don’t understand any of you.

First of all we don’t need a special announcement to know the duration of a contest. Every contest is announced 18hours before it starts! You can just check the duration.

2)having ftn contest as 3day might be better.

3)who cares if a contest is 6day or 3day? We all care for the rewards! After we had that major change on contests, it has been a great help for all ftp players with all those badge booster crates!

4)The change of rewards and the change on points doesn’t allow us to get easy on top1% and above…yes…but all those progress rewards are a lot better than all the rewards of the previous 3day contest.

5)if you struggle to hit 1m to get your progress rewards, then all you have to do is to think and ask your surroundings! Especially 6day long contests are made so that everyone can get all progress rewards easy… don’t expect though to be given for free, by chilling…you need to keep/hoard a bit! A BIT!

Heart! Server 22! Dying server! Merge us plz! :relaxed:

I prefer 6 day so it doesn’t feel like I’m wasting resources that could contribute to the contest on off days.


That’s a fair point :joy: I just don’t really care as far as most contest go and prefer the 3 day one for me they are easier and better then do better in them anyway… they don’t like them stretched out.

Iirc, then the duration doesn’t actually appear before the contest starts. It’d be better if we could know before the contest starts how long it’ll be up.

Have you seen how hard it is to accomplish FTN and get all tiers when we literally have PB shoving down multiple opportunities to spend diamonds before FTN even begins?!?!

Same as above. Idk if you’ve noticed but PB likes to announce certain events like ‘buy more stamina’ or ‘double drops’ or even cap rises before FTN contests and that literally makes it really hard to hoard. :confused:


What he said.
I’d just like to add that you can say A BIT for S22 but for older servers it’s still much harder.

It’ll still be an improvement in the long run - cause you’ll get 3 more days to hoard before in place of the 3 extra contest days - but this time around at least I am screwed since I was counting on the diamonds gained this week


Maybe I’m overlooking something (it wouldn’t be the first time), but I don’t see where the duration is given in the contest announcement in the game.

A lot of people care how long the contest is, apparently. I’ll admit that having a 6-day contest is probably better for most players, which is why I generally don’t complain about it, but to me having contests take up 6 days out of every 7 just makes the contests feel like yet another daily grind, rather than a special event. :man_shrugging:


We want to know how long he contest will last not when it will start :unamused:

They are not better. There is more pressure to get resources than in 6-day contests

Clearly, many

This is just… ughhhh

You have no idea how it’s like in older servers where you need money to beat FTN

I thought you said it didn’t matter :expressionless:

Tell that to older servers where players need to accumulate ~8K diamonds and 80K+ stamina :unamused:

I really don’t understand you

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