Accelleratii incredibus and Carnivorous vulgaris (unlikely concept)

Wile E. Coyote and RoadRunner hero concept

MEEP, MEEP! Wile E. Coyote, super genius, and the Roadrunner speed into battle, attacking each other while attack their enemies!
Quote: “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wile E. Coyote, genius.

Role: damage
Position: midline
Team: yellow

Design: the coyote is on the battlefield in his position alone, the roadrunner appears in skills.

Basic attack: wile e throws a stick of dynamite at his enemy

Entrance: the coyote runs in chasing the roadrunner, the roadrunner Of course outruns him making the coyote falls over, the coyote throws the Fork and knife he had away.

Defeat: a shadow appears over the coyote, as he looks up he sees a boulder falling over him, he holds up a sign that’s way a “bye”. When the boulder crushes him, the shockwave from the boulder deals 25% damage to the front most enemy

Victory: snickers


White skill: Accelleratii incredibus
:sparkles: fantastic
The roadrunner runs across the battlefield 3 times dealing x damage to every enemy the roadrunner runs through

Green skill: Acme brand anvils
:sparkles: fantastic
The coyote presses a red button on a remote and a large anvil falls on the creeps dealing Y damage, stunting all creeps for 14 seconds.

Blue skill: bird seed trap
:fist: normal
The coyote runs to the front most enemy a places a bowl with bird seed at their feet, he runs back to his position and the roadrunner starts to eat the seed, each peck heals the duo x, the roadrunner pecks 6 times. When the roadrunner is done it runs away and the coyote lunges holding a fork and hits an enemy instead of the roadrunner dealing x damage

Purple skill: lasso loss
The coyote lassos the roadrunner, the roadrunner runs around making the duo dodge all skills/disables/attacks for 12 seconds

Red skill: the fast & the furry - ous
When the coyote & roadrunner is attacked by a enemy, they reverse the damage that was dealt to them and double it every 10 seconds.

Bird seed trap Now heals x more than normal

Damage reversal may fail against level 235


Wile e coyote & the roadrunner/syndrome
Disk: coyote tech
Acme brand anvils Now deals 5x more damage
Allies: stitch, Kermit, John silver

Wile e coyote & the roadrunner/Kim possible
Disk: Call me meep meep
Accelleratii incredibus now stuns
Allies: dash, gmn, Mike

I am now taking concept requests, I will/can only do them if I know them (Ones who are most likely to be made are Disney, looney tunes, and Star Wars)


Please post all feedback

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