Account suspended?!?

Wake up to my account suspended. Have never had any issues in this game before and I’m no cheater. How about you fully explain actions rather than just locking me out of an account I’ve been playing (and spending) faithfully for years. You want to do something arbitrary like this, how about you refund all of my money?


Have you, by chance, been jumping from guild to guild during guild contests in order to get more rewards?


Just once and didn’t realize that is any any way violating any rule

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There used to be a 24 cool down on participating in guild contest after leaving a guild … Is this not the case anymore? It would prevent the issue that you guys are speaking of to a point at least

Unfortunately you were probably just lumped in with the ones who were jumping guilds repeatedly to abuse the system , I heard some did it at least 4 times

Cooldown still exists but if it was a 3 day contest it wouldn’t have been an issue really but 6 days allows people to really stretch the limits

Accounts were banned for 3 days if they had received 3x or 4x the contest rewards or had previous cheating on the account.

Using an exploit to gain more rewards is against the TOS and is there: Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy

In the “you agree not to” section:


What is the diffrence between account banned and account suspended? @Loutre

I think it just depends on which word someone uses? I tend to try and use banned for a temporary ban and suspended for more permanent type of ban.


Thanks, that scares me because i never did anything wrond and now i am suspended. How can i figure out how long it is or what it is?

You were banned for 3 days as you were found to have gained 3x the amount of contest rewards.


Oke ty for your reply

Thanks for the quick action against this hopefully you have something in place for it not to happen again


We do have something planned for not allowing this in future, but until it is added it should now be clear that this is against the TOS and you may be banned for it.


For those of us who have never been implicated in any way before (such as myself), a three day ban is quite extreme. Perhaps a warning of some sort would have been more appropriate? Especially considering I had no idea any of this was against the rules or terms.

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I saw that you received the 3 day ban for having 3x the contest rewards collected. I feel this is an appropriate response to using the exploit more than once.


I didn’t recognize that this was some sort of exploit, I simply thought it was function of the way the game was built. I assumed if the game wasn’t built to function this way and allow this that there would be no further contest participation allowed once you’ve received the tiered awards in the contest. I truly didn’t realize that this was in any way circumventing rules or improper in any way. I would define an exploit as running a script, bot or something nefarious in order to gain an illegal or malicious advantage. There was clearly none of that here, so I request my account be reinstated without further delay.

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Your ban will remain. We will not be removing the bans for this.


Great strategy, alienate one of your most loyal players/customers based on a flaw in your own game…


It’s only 3 days just think about what you did and don’t do again :wink:

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