Account suspended?!?

Yeah, guess I really need to learn a lesson… shame on me!


Just personally I feel if people have been caught cheating previous they should actually be permanently banned … because clearly they are cheaters and they will do it again.

To me this is backwards suspension is temporary and banned is permanent… just my way of understanding things…

Since the definition of suspension is the temporary prevention of something from continuing or being in force or effect.

And banned is officially exclude (someone) not temporary

I don’t consider it cheating. There was a loophole in the game made by the creators. However, I’m not here to discuss that.

Was the three day suspension intended to prevent arena/coli promotions and missing out on Sarah? I’m just wondering if this was intended or just an unfortunate side effect.

Also, sad to see your retort to my message on the other thread, Loutre. Thats again something I read as sharp and cold. Too bad the other thread was shut down. I just want communication to me to seem like you at least understand where I’m coming from.

The 3 day suspension is for breaking TOS. This happens when you break the rules and terms and conditions. You have consequences to those actions.

I had mentioned many times that that other thread was not to be used for discussions of the contest exploit.


Theres the proof we didnt break TOS. There was no monetary value gained from it. Only digital items which are worth literally nothing.

You were using a glitch/bug in game to gain extra resources this is against TOS as stated above.


Just because there’s no monetary value doesn’t mean you don’t break TOS.

Maybe I’m not getting something though…

Actually, it wasnt a glitch or bug, it was very clearly designed to work that way.

Additionalky, as stated above in your own post it says to gain monetary value or sensitive information which was also not gained.

You can say whatever you want, yall own the game, but what you are saying is false.

The truth you wont admit is that this was all done to appease those that complained, and youre trying to use your tos as justification, but youre not even using the part that justifies it in your screenshot.

No, the game was not designed to have you gain multiple contest rewards in multiple guilds.

As it is stated above: In the “you agree not to” section of the TOS - Take advantage of any glitch or bug in the Game, especially in any attempt to gain monetary value or learn sensitive account information of other Users.

“Especially” does not mean ONLY in this case it means used to single out a situation so that is just an example of what is not allowed.


Loutre, I understand your thoughts on the suspension itself. While I completely disagree with that position, that wasn’t what I was asking. I want to know if the 3 days was purposeful to make us miss the arena/coli close for promotions and the Sarah crates.

We try to keep suspensions to 3, 7, 30 days. I chose 3 days for this.


Youre right, it was designed to allow a person to switch guilds and still collect rewards, but the devs didnt use the same system already in place and used in arena to allow rewards only once per person.

As for the rest, you would be better off quoting the part in your tos that says anything per blue considers to ne against the spirit of the game.

Nice avoidance of answering the question.

They want to know if the timing of the suspension was on purpose, considering you had all day to do it.

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I am not sure what the question is here. It was brought to our attention, we received the list of players abusing the exploit and sent out the 3 day suspension/warnings right after that. This is what we do for any cheating. We catch cheating and a warning/suspension is sent out right after.


Hmmm i find that interesting since the suspension didnt go into effect till about 10 hours after you had responded about looking into it on forums.

PB responded they were looking into it, PB then looked into it, PB found the players that abused the exploit and sent out the bans.

I think it takes a while to go through the list of players to confirm if they used the exploit or not.

But why is this such an issue for some people? People did something that was against the rules and now they face a small punishment.


Idc im suspended. But the issue is their different responses. They say if there were prior warnings, then say if gotten x times rewards. The reaponses are conflicting and the people banned vs not was not applied equally.

Oh and they said something about a warning which wasnt receives and then said their will be a measage when you regain access. A message after the fact isnt a warning.

You and samba were bullying and gloating In vip after you took advantage of gaining extra rewards. It isn’t the first time.
If you have been suspended there is no way for you to view the warning or message until it’s lifted.
Yes they missed quite a bit of others that I’d gladly send them a list of names if needed . Hope you enjoy your suspension

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