Ad for prostitution in a Disney game


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Every post of that type is a pure bait without proofs.

In case you didn’t know that.


PerBlue licences the rights to the characters from Disney and hires out ad services who are supposed to vet this sort of thing.

Post proof, so that they can take action against their ad providers.


Is it a legit ad that plays for about x seconds? Or is it just a pop-up?

Send proof or it didn’t happen…


You know, they used to have a prostitution scene on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Also, in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ralph encounters a pop-up that says “Sassy Housewives want to meet you!” To which he replies “they do?”


Disney doesn’t run this game, PerBlue do

PerBlue don’t choose the ads, Google AdSense / AdMob does

Google, as it has long been established, targets ads to their consumers internet history

So, why are Google showing you an ad for prostitution, hmmm?!


Also…Disney has had some questionable things said in Disney movies. As far back as i can remember was Aladdin when Genie says

"I’m real fond of you Al, Not that I wanna pick out curtains or anything. "



… I have no idea wot is going on about dis ad. I can’t say anything until I see how dis ad looks like.