Add newly released heroes to elite campaign

Hello everyone! My name is hero killer and I am happy to be back on the game that I love. With that said I have a suggestion that could really turn out beneficial for everyone’s sake. Newly released heroes I’ve come to see only can be obtained in vip crates on release. This leaves a player with less fortune to wait for a new hero to become open in the elite campaign which in turn becomes less desirable with newer heroes being released monthly. With not having the vip level to obtain chips for the disc or even the red skill a player of less fortune will never have a chance to gain full potential for months. Well if we added the new heroes to a campaign then the low paying players will be able to spend their diamonds on elite resets. This will also benefit the paying community giving them even more chips to have fun with. New players will be able to obtain chips. You as a company will be able to make even more diamond sales. Everyone stays happy and the game is better for it. I really honestly think this is the perfect route to take in the future. Thank you so much for reading through this quick post and I hope that this concept catches on.

Much love - hero killer (server 1)

Hi Hero Killer!

I would like to point out the following things:

  • Every game needs an aspect of exclusivity, otherwise the game will not be able to make money. That is why there are heroes exclusive to certain areas of the game (VIP crate or Challenger rewards)

Secondly, the rotation of heroes has changed very recently in order to collect hero chips - you can refer to the Chronological Hero release guide for how the current rotation is, but I will put some details below:

  • The prize wall event makes it easy enough for all players to get hero chips over a two week period, after which the hero moves to event exclusive crates, where players get 7 chips free and can buy more chips with diamonds. Thereafter the hero only moves to the VIP crate, for a chance to get more chips for paying players. At this point all players should have sufficient chips for playing with the hero and high VIP level players can get more chips for mods or red skills.

  • The sign in hero is available to all players each month. After the month is over, the hero moves to the Contest rewards - again accessible to all players to some extent. Then to the guild crate, where you can get a lot of chips if you are in an active participating guild. After this the hero moves to an exclusive crate, where again you can get more chips, but by this time you should have sufficient chips to level up the hero and have some mods equipped.

Only once the hero rotated off all of these, in a few weeks/months are they available in the Elite campaign, where players can farm chips for specific purposes (mods, red skills, etc.), but to make all new heroes available in the Elite campaign immediately would not be a good move in my opinion, for 1. because it costs stamina - something that should rather be used to craft badges to promote your heroes.

Just my opinion, but hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response! I thought elite campaign resets were diamond cost? This would encourage the overall purchase of diamonds to rise would it not? You would be able to sell more diamonds with the incentives to get the new hero chips right? Idk if you work in the building but if so thank you for taking the time out of your day to reply. I would love to help bring new players into the game. So quality of life and community moral is important. See you around with more ideas in the future my friend :pray:

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