Add 'Use 100' stamina

Since badge costs keep increasing at a high rate, can we get an option to use 100 stamina packs at a time to cut some of the tedium down?

Figure 10k (with double drops) means you’re getting at best 4 badges per max stamina bank, and mashing use 10 up to that constantly is a bit of a needless hassle at this stage


I see your opinion, and I wouldent mind such a feature coming into the game
However, I find it very easy to spam click the “use x10” button very very fast (I have also seen it in YT videos), so its not really necessary
The time differences would probably only be 1-2 less seconds when your using, say, 1K of them, and if your playing Disney Heroes you must have time on your hands :thinking:

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Less risk of carpel tunnel though =P


carpel what now?
Educated guess says its when you use too many, but idk

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