Advice for guild

Anyone any ideas to improve guilds?? My Guild has been here since the beginning and we don’t seem to be progressing much. We don’t have any daily requirements and I’m wondering what to do.

Do you have a Whatts App or other messenger group ?

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Implement daily requirements, buy perks, what’s your server?

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Yes I do, why?

We’re on server 2, perks are going quite well… What daily requirements should I implement? I’m scared I’ll scare members away.

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If all put efforts you won’t scare your comrades, doing surge, attack in war, maybe also request a certain influence amount

Server 2… we will met when the merge take place :smile:

what server are you in

oooh we will be mergeing soon

Keep Morale high
Post some personal stuff (pets, cooking recipes, gaming ideas)

Keeping the morale high will boost guild coherency

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Look8ng forward to it, thanks for the help!

I guess that’d work, but the only talkative ones in the Guild are kiddos, the mature ones tend to keep to themselves

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Hows your guild going since the feedback?

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