Advice for team comp


Please, this is my main team, i’m in server 16. Give me some advide or help with it. I apreciate it.!
Ursulla, Hades, Dash, Judy and Ralph.


Actually, we need a bit more info. Your level? What are your heroes’ ranks?

Judy ain’t the best support hero on her own. She gives an offensive boost, but you seem to have only one damage dealer on the comp? I don’t think her presence here is a good idea.

Hades is a mediocre hero that is mediocre at everything, that’s sometimes a good thing but maybe you have someone better?


Any team will do, as long as you upgrade their skills


That statement is false…

Very false.

If Judy has Felix disk then place her with a second support and one tank,one front line damager and a control.

M y fav team c urrwntly is Sulley (Wo),
Judy (Fe), Jessie (Bu), Woody (Je), and either Flynn, Tia, or Nick if it is city watch.


My current level is 40. I start playing a days a go. My chars are Blue 1 and 2. No disk yet. Skills at max level (40/40/20).
Hades, Judy are at 1*.
Dash, Ursula and Ralph are at 2*.
Badges enhaced.

I have too Violet, Nick, Merida, and the others (Frozone, Vane, Yax and EG).


Merida and violet are good invests imo.