Agent P bugged?

I gave him the Bolt disc, because it seemed like the more useful of the two, but throughout the whole campaign, I never once saw him use his hat throw move. He just did his jump kick and laser watch move, and that’s it. And what’s worse, he kept using his watch against allies, even though I could clearly see that he was not charmed.

(Stupid ending too. Why didn’t they catch the guy?! Who’s writing these stories?!)


There is an update coming out about the agent p bug

Okay, I didn’t see that. It doesn’t say anything about the hat move though…

A) Bolt disk is definitely not the better one. Without Kim disk Perry will be permanently disabled and will do nothing. Thus you were likely really likely to fight a team not good at disabling their enemy.

B) It’s weekend. PB does not work during weekends. So even if I do this @Loutre we won’t see an answer to the green skill not being performed for another 34 hours.

My best guess is the preference for skills is green < blue < purple and somehow blue overrides green where he just performs a single Basic attack which likely ends up being the 2nd, thus performing purple afterwards. So he’s permanently stuck in a circle of: Basic - Blue - Basic - Purple.

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Oh and this… The Green-Eyed man is suppose to be a myth. So catching him does not make a whole lot of sense.


Gosh, I… didn’t think of that. Somehow, the stat bonuses didn’t occur to me. I sure wish I hadn’t wasted so much power on the Bolt one, but I guess that’s bound to happen now and then.

You clearly haven’t watched the movie. Don’t complain about stuff if you don’t get the context please

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Are you able to give us more info for this? What was the line up you used and the lineup of the enemy team? QA isn’t reproducing this same issue.

Okay, I could be mistaken, but I think it’s only in his friendship campaigns, that he doesn’t throw his hat.

I did a Surge fight - using him with Phil, Mickey, Minnie, and Pacha; against Shego, Maximus, Mulan, Cheshire Cat, and Animal, and I did see him do the hat throw once, toward the end. (Unfortunately, he also blasted Mickey before doing that.)

When I do his friend campaigns though, I never see him throw his hat.

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He throws hat, but indeed, very rarely.
Likely a skill overlaps his hat throw.

Thank you! We were able to recreate it on ep 4 fight 5 so now QA knows what to do to let the rest of the team know.


Okay, so… I think I may have been mistaken. After further testing, it seems he does use the hat move after all, but he does it after the watch move. I just apparently failed to notice, because he tended to be positioned close to the enemy when doing so. Apologies for the trouble.

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