Airing my frustrations

Hello. I have never posted on here before but have had a few frustrations with the game recently and wanted to share them with you.

I am currently on server 6 awaiting the server merge. Within the announcements there is just a button that says more information I wonder if the highlights of what will happen should be written in the announcements rather than click here for more information for the players that are not likely to read A lot of information.
With regards to this merge you have paused the challenges from Wednesday however last week started a challenge that is linked to invasion, and only allowed 3 days to obtain. Due to the merge I personally am unable to complete this challenge as no invasion is available, I wonder if challenges should be dropped on Monday rather than Wednesday.
Over time I have noticed that what is required to craft a badge has changed. Peach pips for example appear to be needed ALOT! In trails I am finding that the new badge bits that are coming in are purple, and have to raid lower difficulties to get what is needed. Could I suggest that when raiding higher difficulties on Trials that we get at least one chip of everything we have worked hard to get up the rankings for.
I understand that excess chips are used for mods however as a higher guild member wanting to help my team I wondered if would be possible to send excess hero chips to other guild members.

Thanks for reading


I’m in the same guild as @Lady_fear and am in agreement with her sentiments.

I’m two thirds of the way through a weekly challenge I would have been able to complete but can’t due to the merge.

You have clearly stated in your thread about the merge that we will not be compensated! Because ‘you gave us plenty of warning’

Hang on…how is it our fault that you need to merge servers? Those of us still on servers 5,6,7 are clearly the ones putting in the time (and some considerable money) to move up the ranks and stay competitive and here you are effectively penalising us for our loyalty and continued support of the game.

We didn’t choose this and somehow you’re making it not worth our while to see this week out?! Hardly fair and ‘giving us plenty of warning’ is just an insult if I’m honest.

Very disappointed, you have just solidified my opinion that you really don’t care about the community nor our opinions.