Aladar & Lemur Family for Disney Heroes

Aladar & Lemur Family


Aladar is an iguanadon from the late Cretaceous. He is kind, sensitive, and cares for his family of lemurs.

“He’s my grandfather - couple of generations removed.”

Stars: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Trial Team: Blue

Basic attack: Alader stands upright and slashes his thumb at the nearest opponent.

Entrance: he walks into battle, checking behind him for his lemur family to catch up and hop onto his back.

Victory: Aladar and his family starts howling up into the air

Defeat: Aladar falls over as his lemur family bounced off to take cover.


White Skill: Prehistoric Charge :fist:
Aladar charges into the enemy dealing x damage.

Green Skill: Love Monkey
Zuni (a member of the lemur family) calls out to an enemy, causing them to be confused for x seconds.

Blue Skill: 1, 2, 3, Press!
Aladar digs a small ditch to push down into, causing water to flow up for him and everyone to drink. This pit of wafter lasts for the entirety of the battle and heals x HP when used. It has x uses before it drains out

Purple Skill: Pilo and Suri’s Assistance
The pit of water now heals x HP more than originally.

Red Skill: Yar’s Instruction
All of the heroes on the team have an attack boost and sheild for the first x seconds of battle.


Aladar & Lemur Family / Timon & Pumbaa
Campaign: To the Watering Hole
Allies: Balloo, Rafiki, Simba & Nala
Disk: A Care Free Day
Increases the HP healing moves give while decreasing speed of attacks

Aladar & Lemur Family / Gerald, Marlin, and Nemo
Campaign: Family Get-together
Allies: Kristoff & Sven, Stitch, Sulley & Boo
Disk: Families Together
Any hero with 2 or more characters included deal x more damage than normal

Additional Stuff

If Aladar & Lemur Family gets added, then characters like Kron, Neera, and others should be added as badges or something for the Dinosaur movie.

Thoughts anyone?

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Are they from dinosaurs?

I think they are.

Are you referring to Nia from Thomas and Friends? If so, then it’s unlikely

They’re not from Thomas and Friends there from Dinosaurs :man_facepalming:

I never watched dinosaur but I’m pretty sure there’s a character named nia in it :man_facepalming:

Also maybe include the Disney wiki images at the beginning of the concept

I wish but it won’t let me use photos for some reason that I’m not sure about. I’ve tried several times

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Yes, it’s from the movie Dinosaur

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Your trust level isn’t high enough to post pictures yet.

Okay then. Thank you for that information! I was confused

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Btw, I checked again and it’s Neera, not Nia. I apologise!

Not all of them. I meant Nia

Well he meant Neera

Oh. My apologies Defender Momo. I was confused

  1. It was a mistake and it was supposed to be Neera
  2. Common sense and logic would let someone know they don’t mean Thomas and Friends

Well this stinks. My post for this hero idea has been reported for spam. Thanks for the support on this concept!

Maybe remove the links to the Disney wiki.

I have. I’m just now waiting for it to change. I also removed the name of the movie just in case.

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