Alice and Team-building Help


Not to brag (Just kidding, I neeeeed to brag about this) but I just got Alice out of my 4th diamond crate I had saved. After using my available resources, I got her to Purple, her level to 67, and her purple skill to level 22. Her purple hp bonus is insane. Level 22 and it’s a bonus 28,689, which is more than twice as much as her max hp of 11,480. I definitely want her on my team, and I’d like some help deciding who to replace.
My team is:
Yax O1 95
4 star Frozone disk at level 55
Nick Wilde O1 95
4 star Judy disk at level 39
Frozone O1 95
3 star EVE disk at level 44
Chief Bogo O0 95
2 star Mr Inc. disk at level 46
WALL-E O1 95
2 star Flynn disk at level 38 (working on another star for this)

They’re all 4 star except for Bogo, who is 5 star. I’d like Alice in my team, and a replacement for Nick would be nice since he can’t do much damage.




First off, Congratz man on getting Alice

Second, dang, that is really big. Bigger then I expected

Third off, I’m no pro with the game. Just like playing it. But someone else might have a tip 4 u.

Good job @The_Eavesdropper on getting Alice. (Yeah, I wanted 2 say it one more time)


After a little testing, I’ve found that all damage done to her while she’s giant is reverted when she shrinks back to normal. I feel like she’s the next Moana.

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Hmmm, very interesting.


But she doesnt have an enery gain skill. How long does her enemorous last??

Also…I am jealous. I had 26 diamond crates and I opened all of them and got none of the four new characters (still missing Gaston) so yah very jealous of you. Congrats

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When reading Alice’s skills, I honestly think she has some potential :slight_smile: I have tried open more than 10 diamond crate but haven’t gotten her yet :frowning: so sad :frowning:

Up until now, I’ve only had 1 main support hero (Mickey) so that’d be nice to have Alice in my team :slight_smile:


I think I have two many supports…Judy, Woody, Flynn and Violet are all pretty strong. But with Judy’s Felix disk, she needs support heroes so… Then I have like three tanks…four counting Felix

and the rest is control/damage

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The same for me. I managed to get Gaston from saved up arena tokens now that he’s in there but I saved 24 diamond crates and got nothing lol


Hey, that’s almost exactly the same as me! :smile: I opened 26 crates, and don’t have Gaston either.


At least he is now in the Arena shop. :wink:

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12 Seconds, often enough time to get the energy needed to use her white again right after she shrinks.


It’s been a week since she’s came out and I have her at Orange level 100 now, anyone have anything? Even preferred disk would be great. Thanks in advance to anyone who can give tips.


Congratz then on getting her 2 Orange. It took me a while 2 get my Maui 2 orange. So yeah, be proud of urself. :wink:

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So I’m not as far ahead as you when it comes to her, since I’m only at TL 87. My Alice is only at 2 stars (I opened 100+ diamond crates saved up from contests), she’s lvl 86 and P4. I’ve been investing as much as I could on her as often as I can, and while I’m no where near her full potential, it’s easy to theory craft her now that I’ve given her lots to work with. (Theory-crafting is fun for me :D)

So anyways, Alice is more like an off-Support hero. Her Flood of Tears and Tantrum while in regular size allows her to provide some very useful utilities for her team. But when she goes enormous, that’s when she betrays her “Support” role, and becomes an off-Tank instead. In theory, her friendship Disks allow you to focus on her supportive potential or her offensive potential. With PvP in mind, I think her disk with Quorra is preferred because she can provide shields when she grows Enormous. But I think her disk with Miguel is better on attack (increases damage done when enormous). In other modes, which disk to use I think starts to depend more on who else she’s teamed up with.

In non-PvP modes, she works very well with characters who greatly reap the full potential of her speed-modifiers. For example, she works exceptionally well with Elsa, who pumps out more damage against slowed targets. Her slows also stack with Olaf’s passive. Characters with naturally slow attacks like Jack Skellington experience a boost in usefulness when paired with her. Using her for her utilities work exceptionally well in modes where you can turn auto-mode off, so you can keep her from becoming Enormous. Quorra’s Disk is more useful in these cases when your intention is to use Alice for making her team perform better.

In contrast, her supportive moves are rather redundant when paired with characters who focus on Stuns, like Maleficent and Gaston. In such cases, she’s better off becoming Enormous as soon as possible, which is where Miguel’s disk really starts to shine. Hyper-offense teams should be more inclined to make frequent use of her regular size though, since becoming enormous should only be used as a way to keep Alice herself alive.

Anyways, I’m sorry this was elaborate, but I really did want to cover as much as I can with what I learned.


No, that’s great. I was looking for a more in-depth explanation. Thanks! :smiley:


I just wanted 2 let u know @The_Eavesdropper, dat last night, I also just got Alice.


Congrats :sob::smile::sob::smile::sob:

Hapoy for you, but I still want her :sob::sob:


Don’t wrry! She will be available soon for farming 4 her chips.


Alright, I unlocked both friendships, here they are. I have to say, I’m a little disappointed about the Quorra one. Does anyone know if it only activates once per wave or once per fight?

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