All balanced

Let’s look at the Arena.

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This is why I made this meme. Too many teams featuring Hades or gulp Mulan


At least two of the four: Mulan, Li Shang, Tron, Timon and Pumbaa
Quick Win Stallers - Hades, Sally, Gaston

Freeze is disabled, otherwise add Elsa, Kristoff, Powerline
Not even Pooh is used anymore… sad.

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Still not as omnipresent as Jafar at his height, or Randall at his. Not too far off, though.

Just because of the rise of QoH and occasional Minnie.

You can try and count how much every character appears in Arena teams if you want.
Meanwhile I wanna post some Coliseum.

Arena and Coli at high ranks seem boring now. What happened to the point of the game being to use some of your favorite heroes and coming up with original combos?

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I’m doing this and match with Minnie, Mulan and Co…

Coliseum time

Have fun watching.

My Coliseum Defense:

Not only the META… I’m different :joy::sweat_smile:

Some people are doing it while others are throwing something that I will argue is one of the best parts of the game under the bus. I will be creating original lineups of my favorites as well as some anti-meta characters when I get to the point where I need to narrow down who to build up.

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As much as I like Mulan and Li Shang as the Disney characters…no… such level of dishonest brokenness makes me not invest a single penny into them. They are too much of impostors.


@Polaris Pics for the team to look upon. In Arena there is a visible RNG struggle, in Coliseum well the teams are the same 15-18 characters.

Definitely. Arena is horrible! I have nno chance with my team: Meg, Beast, Mulan, Shand/Raps, Bo Peep

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You are basically needed to run Mulan with Timon and Pumbaa at the very least. Otherwise no chance. Non-Timon Mulan teams are easy to swipe with Dash, but Memory Disks were disabled in Challenger III, so scratch that one out as well.

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On server 16 it is almost the same, Mulan, Meg, Li Shang and T&P everywhere. But I am proud of how far I have come with my team.

Plus two Trons at the top.


Obviously the only reason why mulan and hades are absolutely nessesary is to prevent players from getting quick win points.

Perblue really need to fix mulan and other issues in arena. Start up skills are so buggy and for some reason mulan is able to hit tron even though i put like 2 heroes who is behind him.

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Everything in this game is boring now, we have new heroes SO OOOOFTEN but everyday is harder to grow a single hero this game is dying

Your reply had nothing to do with my post that you replied to. If you think that the game is boring and stuff, then leave. I think the game is still fun, but I can see that some things are boring for people at higher levels.

Totally balanced (even less power than my team was…). Synergy is fine, this is just too good and unkillable.

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