All of my concepts

Hi all! I’ll put here all of my old hero concepts (both likely and unlikely). Hope you like them!


Jason is a 3 star midline control character
“We’re going to stop Gaea. All seven of us are going to come back alive. I promise you”
Entrance: Jason walks into the battlefield. When he arrives in mid-line, he starts flying.
Basic attack: Jason attacks enemies with his sword
Victory: Jason raises his sword. Some lightnings converge on it
K.O.: Jason falls down to earth, while his sword becomes a coin again


White - Lightning Chain: Jason strikes all enemies with lightnings, dealing X damage, stunning them for 4 seconds and removing from them 200 energy (Fantastic damage)

Green - Electric Field: Jason protects the entire team with an electric field, making all allies receive 80% less damage for 6 seconds. Effect is reduced on allies higher than level X

Blue - Aerokinesis: Jason throws some gusts of wind to enemies, damaging all of them for X damage and knocking them back (Normal damage)

Purple - Child of Rome: Jason gains X health and 250 energy whenever he uses “Lightning Chain"

Red - ???: “Electric Field” lasts 3 more seconds and protects allies from all debuffs; “Aerokinesis” reduces enemies’ attack and movement speed by 40% for 6 seconds. Speed debuff may fail on enemies higher than level X.

Additional Stats:
+X Skill Power
+X Max HP
+X damage dealt with any hit to Support role enemies.


Jason/Piper: Stormy Love - “Aerokinesis” reduces enemy damage.
+Skill Power
“Aerokinesis” also reduces by 6%×S enemies’ total damage dealt for 6 seconds.

Jason/Hiro: Rise of the Heroes - “Electric Field” heals allies.
+Skill Power
Jason heals all allies for 1%×S of their max HP per second for the duration of “Electric Field”.



Piper is a 3 star frontline support character
“Being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invincible. It just means that you’re brave enough to stand up and do what’s needed”
Entrance: Aphrodite makes Piper appear on the battlefield
Basic attack: Piper punches the closest enemy
Victory: Piper winks
K.O.: Piper watches the soil, sad


White - Appearances are deceiving: Piper attacks repeatedly the closest enemy with Katoptris, dealing him X damage and stealing 30 energy with each attack, giving this amount to every ally, including herself. Piper attacks 10 times (Normal Damage)

Green - Charming Speech: Piper charms the enemy with the highest damage output for 8 seconds. When charm ends, the enemy is dealt X damage. (Fantastic damage)

Blue - Foresight: Piper raises Katoptris, studying and blinding all enemies for 8 seconds. Enemies higher than level X might not be blinded

Purple - Sweet Revenge: When Piper falls off 50% of her max HP, she throws her Cornucopia, recovering X health and 1000 energy to all allies, including herself. Piper can only use this once per battle. Piper is also invincible for 6 seconds after using this skill.


Piper/Leo: A Friend on Fire - Team speed buff on Piper’s crits.
+Skill Power
When Piper deals a critical hit, she increases all allies’ attack speed by 15%×S for 6 seconds. This can only activate every 9 seconds

Piper/Annabeth: Tough Girls ; stronger “Sweet Revenge”.
Gets a shield with X health at the start of each wave. This shield has no time limit.
“Sweet Revenge” can now activate twice per battle, and heals 8%×S more HP.


Leo is a 3 star midline damage character
“I try very hard to be annoying, don’t insult my ability to annoy”
Entrance: Leo enters the battlefield by flying on Festus. Then he jumps down
Basic attack: Leo launches a little fireball to the closest enemy. This deals fantastic damage.
Victory: Leo takes a burning trophy and rubs it, being very happy
K.O.: Leo completely goes on fire, and laughs embarrassed


White - I’m on fire!: Leo sets his hands on fire, gaining X basic attack and 150% attack speed for 10 seconds. While this ability is active, Leo can’t use other skills, but his basic attack hurts all enemies and deals fantastic damage.

Green - Hephaestus’ aura: Leo flips a wrench, healing X HP to the 2 weakest allies and increasing their skill power by X for 10 seconds

Blue - Happy Dragon: Leo calls Festus, who fires all enemies, dealing X damage and causing a casual disable, including Stun, Freeze, Silence, Charm and Blinding (max 1 charm at once). All disables last for 8 seconds. This skill also triggers right after “I’m on fire!” (Fantastic Damage)

Purple - Volcanic: Leo deals 100% more damage to disabled enemies. Effect is reduced against enemies higher than level X


Leo/Jason: To Storm or Fire, the world must fall - Increases team damage against disabled enemies.
+Basic Damage
All allies deals 12%×S more damage to disabled enemies

Leo/Merlin: Discipline - Improved healing to allies.
“Hephaestus’ Aura” now affects 3 allies.
+8%×S improved healing to allies.


Percy is a 3 star backline support character
“The end of the world started when a pegasus landed on the hood of my car”
Entrance: Percy enters the battle riding Blackjack, his pegasus.
Basic attack: since he stays in backline, Percy launches little waves against frontline enemies. However, if there’s any enemy in his melee range, he will attack him/her with Riptide (this deals 150% more damage)
Victory: Percy raises a water trident
K.O.: Percy turns Riptide into a pen, being annoyed


White - A gift from Poseidon: Percy breaks a sand dollar, healing the entire team for X HP and removing their debuffs. Then they remain immune to debuffs for 5 seconds.

Green - Tsunami: Percy attacks the enemy team with a huge wave, dealing X damage to each enemy and removing every buff. Then they can’t receive any buff for 5 seconds (they can still heal) (Fantastic Damage)

Blue - Hey, Boss!: At the start of each wave, Percy rides Blackjack through the enemy team, dealing X damage to each. He also grants invincibility to all allies (including himself) for 8 seconds (Normal Damage)

Purple - Power of the Sea: “A gift from Poseidon” now grants 300 energy to the entire team. Percy also gains 150 energy whenever an ally uses his white skill


Percy/Jason: The Blood of Olympus - Protects allies on critical HP
+Skill Power
When an ally falls off 35% of his max HP, Percy turns him invincible for 1.4×S seconds. This can only happen once per ally.

Percy/Moana: Water Tamers - Gets dodge chance.
+max HP to the entire team
Percy is now always immune to debuffs, and has a 8%×S chance to dodge attacks.


Annabeth is a 3 star frontline control character
“I am never, ever going to make things easy for you, Seaweed Brain. Get used to it”
Entrance: Annabeth walks into the battlefield to her position
Basic attack: Annabeth attacks an enemy with her dagger
Victory: Annabeth takes Daedalus’ laptop and starts reading something in Ancient Greek
K.O.: Annabeth kicks the soil (like Judy)


White - Acting Clever: Annabeth elaborates a strategy, studying all enemies and decreasing their skill power by 75%. This lasts for 8 seconds, and can fail on enemies higher than level X

Green - Field Training: Annabeth throws her dagger at the furthest enemy, dealing X damage per second for 8 seconds and stunning him/her for 8 seconds. (Normal Damage)

Blue - The Mark of Athena: Annabeth asks for her mother’s help, and a big burning owl appears on the enemy team. Enemies with more than 65% of their max HP will instantly go under that percent of HP (True Damage). Enemies who already have less than 65% HP will be stunned for 4 seconds and cursed for 8. This has a chance to fail on enemies higher than level X

Purple - Wisdom: When Annabeth is in battle, all allies’ disables (including hers) will last 2 more seconds. This has a chance to fail for allies higher than level X


Annabeth/Percy: Seaweed Brain - Studies enemies at the start of the battle.
Stores X basic damage whenever an ally including herself crits, up to X stored damage. She will release it on each affected enemy when she uses “Acting Clever”
Annabeth studies enemies for 2,5×S seconds at the start of each wave

Annabeth/Meg: No need for help -“Field Training” removes armor and stuns.
Annabeth removes X armor from enemies when she uses “Field Training”
“Field Training” stuns all enemies for 1×S seconds.


Nico is a 2 star midline damage character
“With great power, comes a great need to take a nap”
Entrance: Nico shadow-travels to his place.
Basic attack: Nico attacks the closest enemy with his sword.
Victory: Nico happily talks with Bianca’s ghost.
K.O.: Nico gets angry.


White - Back to Life: Nico uses his powers to revive a skeleton. Skeleton has X HP and deals X fantastic damage with each attack. His armor and reality are equal to Nico’s. When a skeleton is revived, enemies are scared for 8 seconds. Nico can’t have more than 3 revived skeletons at once.

Green - Bone cage: Nico locks the weakest character in a bone cage. If he’s an ally, he will get a shield with X HP and immunity to disables for 8 seconds, and the whole team will receive X HP per second as a heal while the shield is active. If he’s an enemy, he will instead be stunned for 8 seconds (this ignores tenacity), and the enemy team will receive X damage per second while he’s stunned. (Fantastic Damage)

Blue - Shadow Strike: Nico shadow-travels into the enemy team, scaring them for 10 seconds. He then stays in there for 2 seconds, spreading shadows and doing a total of X damage to all enemies, and finally comes back to his place. Nico can’t receive any damage while spreading shadows. (Fantastic Damage)

Purple - Ghost King: If an ally is K.O.ed while Nico is on the battlefield, he will keep fighting as a ghost until Nico is K.O.ed or the end of the wave. Ghosts can’t use skills, but they will deal 75% more basic damage. This effect is reduced on allies higher than level X. Also, spawned characters like Skeletons and Hiro’s Megabot can’t become ghosts.

Red - Seeking Death: The first time one of his allies is K.O.ed, Nico revives them with X HP, applies “Hellbound”* on them and spawns 3 skeletons (these can go over the max number, even without Jason’s disk)
Allies with “Hellbound” can’t fall under 1 HP
and gain 75% more energy. “Hellbound” expires when Nico is K.O.ed.

*Note: If Megara is the first ally K.O.ed, “Hellbound” will be applied to the frontmost ally, excluding the linked one.

Additional Stats:
+X Skill Power
+X Skill power to Control role characters in the team every time a skeleton is revived
+X Basic Damage to Damage role characters in the team every time a skeleton is revived


Nico/Hades: The Doors of Death - Ghost allies attack faster.
Nico gets X more armor and reality for each ghost on the battlefield.
Ghosts attack 12%×S faster.

Nico/Jason: The Darkest Secret - “Back to life” is stronger.
Nico can now revive unlimited skeletons, which have X more HP and X more basic damage.
Nico also gains 10%×S of the energy gained by other characters (both allies and enemies).


Jack is a 2 star backline control character.
“I’ve been around for a long time. My name is Jack Frost. I love being on my own. No rules. No responsability. It’s as good as It sounds”
Entrance: Jack flies into the battlefield.
Basic attack: Jack throws a snowball at an enemy.
Victory: Jack creates a snowman
K.O.: Jack yells.


White - Winter comes: Jack creates a blizzard on the enemy team, dealing X damage per second and slowing their attack and movement speed by 35% for 10 seconds. If an enemy actives his white skill during the blizzard, he will be frozen for 8 seconds and lose all of his energy. (Fantastic Damage)

Green - Ice Wall: Jack raises a wall between the two teams, shielding frontline allies for X HP and freezing frontline enemies. This skill lasts for 8 seconds.

Blue - Chill Out: Jack throws a huge snowball at the enemy with the highest basic damage, freezing him for 10 seconds and reducing his total damage dealt by 60% until the end of the wave. Jack can do this every 16 seconds, and only once for every enemy. This skill can also fail on enemies higher than level X.

Purple: Cold bites: Jack’s allies will deal 75% more damage to frozen and slowed enemies. Effect is reduced against enemies higher than level X.


Jack/Elsa: Let It Go - Frozen enemies take damage per second
Frozen enemies take X fantastic damage per second
Allies who can freeze gain 7%×S of Jack’s skill power every time they freeze an enemy.

Jack/Nico: A soul in the snow - Reduces enemy tenacity.
Enemies lose X skill power every time they’re frozen.
Enemies have 20×S less tenacity per control character in Jack’s team.


Griff is a 2 star frontline damage character
“What’s up, cell mates? I got this. You missed this key when you frisked me, rookie. There you go. Oh, and, uh, here’s your wallet! You’ve gotta retake that license picture. Yikes!”
Entrance: Griff walks into the battlefield. When he arrives in frontline, he takes on a bracelet.
Basic attack: Griff punches repeatedly close enemies
Victory: Griff takes a pair of handcuffs and let them fall to the ground (like Mike’s microphone)
K.O.: Griff takes the handcuffs, but he wrongly handcuffs himself, laughing embarrassed


White - Free!: Griff hits all enemies with random “borrowed” objects, dealing X damage each and healing the weakest ally for 50% of the total damage dealt by this ability. “Free!” deals 30% more damage at every successive trigger, stockable up to 5 times (This doesn’t reset at the end of a wave) (Normal Damage)

Green - Takedown: Griff “borrows” a motorcycle and drives it through enemies, dealing X damage to each. The furthest enemy also takes damage equal to 20% of his max HP. Griff is invincible while riding a motorcycle, and heals himself for 50% of the total damage dealt by this ability (Normal Damage)

Blue - The toughest: Griff takes 75% less damage. Effect is reduced against enemies higher than level X**

Purple - Hard Life: Griff gains X skill power and X basic attack


Griff/Shank: Christmas gift - “Free!” freezes allies
-“Free!” heals X HP to all allies
-“Free!” Freezes enemies for 1,4×S seconds

Griff/Jack Sparrow: Dj Griff - Shares SP and BD.
-X more skill power
-X more basic damage
-Griff shares 7%×S of his skill power and basic damage with all allies

**don’t say this is too much, please, he’s supposed to have really low HP.


Gladstone is a 2 star backline support character
“I am the best at getting something for nothing!”
Entrance: Gladstone walks into the battle, then he picks a four-leaf clover from the ground
Basic attack: instead of having basic attacks, Gladstone receives money prizes equal to his basic damage. He can stock up to X money.
Victory: Gladstone lies on a deckchair
K.O.: Gladstone yells at the sky


White - Lucky Day: Gladstone removes a leaf from his clover, healing the whole team for HP equal to the amount of money stocked (stocking resets at each use), and applying “Luck” to all allies for 7 seconds. Lucky allies take 30% less damage and have 50% probability to avoid disables and debuffs. If “Luck” is applied on already Lucky allies, they will instead turn invincible for the duration of the 2nd Luck.

Green - Shiny!: Gladstone finds a diamond and raises it, blinding all enemies and dealing X damage per second for 6 seconds. This ability will also deal damage equal to 8% of the targets’ max HP for every support character in Gladstone’s team, including him. (Fantastic Damage)

Blue - Under a Good Star: When an ally crits, Gladstone gives him 500 energy and applies “Luck” on him for 7 seconds. This can happen once every 10 seconds. This ability has a chance to fail on allies higher than level X.

Purple - Share the Luck: Lucky allies can’t receive critical hits, and gain 50% of Gladstone’s basic damage and skill power for the duration of “Luck” (Darkwing’s green skill will still trigger if he receives a hit which was supposed to crit while Lucky). Effect is reduced on allies higher than level X


Gladstone/Flynn: Luck Algorithm - Lucky allies are stronger.
-Whenever “Luck” is applied on an ally, he receives X reality until the end of the wave
-If an ally is K.O.ed while Lucky, he will fight for 2×S more seconds

Gladstone/Hercules: Favor of the Gods - Buffs team damage against tanks
-X more basic damage to allies
-The whole team will deal 30%×S more damage to enemy tanks.


Eragon is a 2 star backline damage character
“Let us teach them to fear our names”
Entrance: Eragon walks on the battlefield and takes his bow.
Basic attack: Eragon shoots an arrow to an enemy.
Victory: Eragon laughs
K.O.: Eragon throws away his bow and Brisingr (his sword).


White - Brisingr: Eragon casts the spell Brisingr. He takes his sword and throws flames on the enemy frontline, dealing X damage to all targets and X extra damage over time. Over time damage is twice the instant damage. (Fantastic Damage)

Green - Jierda: Eragon uses the spell Jierda, then shots a powerful arrow that hits all enemies, dealing X damage to each and stunning them for 6 seconds. (Fantastic Damage)

Blue - Waise Hëill: Eragon heals the two weakest allies for X HP, and turns them invincible for 6 seconds.

Purple - Inheritance: Eragon is now immune to disables. Also, his basic attacks and “Jierda” will now deal X more damage over 2 seconds. (Fantastic damage)


Eragon/Saphira: Memory of the Dragons - Freezing Fire
+Basic Damage
-“Brisingr” will deal 20%×S more damage and freeze targets for the duration of damage over time. Basic Attacks and “Jierda” can’t freeze.

Eragon/Robin Hood: A special bow - Stunned enemies take more damage.
-“Jierda” will deal X more instant damage
-Stunned enemies will take 15%×S more damage from all sources. “Jierda” also triggers “Waise Hëill” effects.


Saphira is a 3 star frontline tank character
“No hunter of the sky should end his days as prey. Better to die on the wing than pinned to the ground”
Entrance: Saphira flies to her position and licks herself like a cat. Then she starts fighting.
Basic attack: Saphira attack close enemies with her claws.
Victory: Saphira roars loudly
K.O.: Saphira falls to earth


White - Rebel Fire:
Passive: Saphira starts every wave with a shield equal to 70% of her max HP. This shield has no time limit and prevents her from being disabled.
Active: Saphira throws fire at the enemies, dealing X damage to each. If enemies are being damaged over time, this skill deals 5× damage. (Fantastic Damage)

Green - Shining Scales: Saphira turns the enemy with the most HP into diamond for 10 seconds, stunning him and stealing a total of X HP. Diamond enemies can’t be targetted. (True Damage)

Blue - Predator Sense: If an enemy is under X HP, Saphira jumps on him and deals X true damage. Saphira is untargettable while doing this. (True Damage)

Purple - Dragon Pride: Saphira gains X shield HP every time any “Eragon” character deals a critical hit.


Saphira/Arya: Guards of the Forest - Stronger “Shining Scales”.
+Max HP
-“Shining Scales” turns 2 enemies into diamonds. 5%×S of the health stolen by this ability is also turned into shield HP.

Saphira/Maleficent: The Dark Dragon - Scare enemies at the start of the battle.
-Saphira’s basic attack deals X more damage.
-Saphira’s basic attack deals fantastic damage.
-Saphira scares enemies for X seconds at the start of each wave. Saphira’s allies gain X energy every time they hit a scared enemy.


Arya is a 1 star Backline support character
“And then you came, Eragon. You and Saphira. After hope had deserted me and I was about to be taken to Galbatorix in Uru’baen, a Rider appeared to rescue me. A rider and a dragon!”
Entrance: Arya walks to her position
Basic attack: Arya hits an enemy with magic. Her basic attack deals fantastic damage
Victory: Arya sits down and listen to natural sounds.
K.O.: Arya snorts


White - Charming Song:
Passive: Arya can only be K.O.ed when there are no allies left, including charmed enemies.
Active: Arya sings, charming 3 enemies for 5 seconds and giving allies 300 energy. Charm may fail against enemies higher than level X.

Green - Stealthy Hit: Arya jumps among enemies, dealing X damage to each with her sword and gaining “provocation” for 8 seconds. Then she goes back to her position. While Arya has “provocation” active, she will always be the first target of enemy hits. However, area damage can still hit all the team. (Fantastic Damage)

Blue - Anthem of Nature: While Arya is on the battlefield, allies gain X HP and 50 energy per second.

Purple - Advanced Magic: Arya redirects 50% damage and disables dealt by enemy white skills on herself. Effect is reduced on allies higher than level X.


Arya/Eragon: Memory of an Empire - Buffs allies’ survivability.
+Max HP to allies
-Allies have 10%×S more armor and reality
-Anthem of Nature heals 15%×S more

2nd disk coming soon.

I will add a new concept right now, and then more once in a while. Feel free to express your opinion!

This is my first new concept on here, it’s kinda rushed but I hope you’ll like it.

  • For characters from this book/movie, I’ll use their Nicknames/avatars, since they’re already in a videogame (book versions).

Parzival is a 1 star midline damage character.
“We’re going to make the world a better place, right?”
Entrance: Wade activates his avatar Parzival, who appears on the battlefield.
Basic attack: Parzival shoots an enemy with his blaster.
Victory: Parzival laughs at enemies.
K.O.: Parzival is disconnected from the server, disappearing.


White - Virtual Blast: Parzival hacks the game code, causing an anomaly that deals X splash damage around the enemy with the highest skill power and studies all targets for 15 seconds (Normal Damage).

Green - Leader of the crew: Parzival encourages his allies, buffing the team’s attack speed by 100% and giving them X crit damage.

Blue - Stellar Collision: Parzival drives his spaceship through the enemies multiple times, dealing X damage and removing X armor for 12 seconds with each hit. (Normal Damage)

Purple - Master Gamer: Parzival gains X basic damage for every armor reduction on enemies.


Parzival/Darkwing Duck: Virtual Justice - Damage and Control enemies are dealt more damage by “Stellar Collision”.
+Basic Damage
Hits from “Stellar Collision” can’t be dodged or countered.
“Stellar Collision” deals 15×S more damage to Damage and Control role enemies.

2nd disk coming soon (think you can guess who it will be from)


What a great movie

Update: Added Jason’s red skill (need to find a good name) and slightly modified some disks. I will publish some new concepts soon and add red skills gradually. Any tips?

New concept here, not related in any way to my other concepts:


Patrick is a 2 star frontline tank character.
"The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma”.
Entrance: Patrick comes in the battlefield by jumping happily
Basic attack: Patrick hits close enemies with his arms
Victory: Patrick plays his belly like a drum
K.O.: Patrick sits down and cries


White - The Secret Box:
Passive: Patrick is invincible, but can’t use basic attacks or other skills, while his white, green or blue skills are active.
Active: Patrick takes his secret box and shows it to close enemies, charming them for 5 seconds and buffing their basic damage by X while they’re charmed (this isn’t affected by tenacity). Enemies charmed by this ability can’t be K.O.ed while charmed.

Green - No! This is Patrick!: Patrick answers a phone call, healing himself X HP for 6 seconds. At the end of the call, he shouts angrily to all enemies, dealing X damage to each and silencing them for 6 seconds.

Blue - It’s stupid, but also dumb: Patrick laughs loudly for no reason for 6 seconds. During this skill, enemies have X less skill power and don’t gain energy.

Purple - Mr. Doctor Professor Patrick: Patrick gains 500 energy during “No! This is Patrick!” and “It’s stupid, but also dumb”. Effect is reduced if he’s under level X.

Red - The Science of Wumbology: enemies charmed by “The Secret Box” will deal 200% more damage to damage and control role enemies. Effect is reduced if enemies are above level X.


Patrick/The Mad Hatter: Patties for Unbirthday - “No! This is Patrick!” Heals allies.
+X skill power
“No! This is Patrick!” Heals allies for 10%×S of the quantity healed on Patrick.

Patrick/Goofy: Spilt Milk - Allies gain energy.
+X Max HP to allies
“It’s stupid, but also dumb” triggers at the start of the battle.
20%×S of the energy blocked by “It’s stupid, but also dumb” is distributed to Patrick’s allies.

I used a different format for this one, in order to make it easier to read. Should I rewrite all my old concepts in this new format?

I would definitely recommend doing so. I suggest using the Hide Details option whenever working with large, individual concepts.

Like so.

It condenses your work into a single line attention grabber, like using the characters name, which can then be expanded upon clicking. Eliminates walls of text and makes for a much simpler read.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll fix all of them

Update: Added Nico’s red skill, and slightly modified some concepts. Also, here are my new ones:


Carter is a 1 star frontline damage character.
“Carter Kane, 14, tragically died in Paris when he was eaten by his sister’s cat, Muffin”.
Entrance: Carter flies to his position as a falcon, then turns back into a human
Basic attack: Carter hits the closest enemy with his Khopesh
Victory: Carter shows a hieroglyph on his hand and smiles.
K.O.: Carter falls on his knees


White - Eye of Horus: Carter uses Horus’s power to heal himself for X HP. This skill also buffs the team’s total damage dealt by 120% for 10 seconds.

Green - Falcon Sight: Every 3 basic attacks, Carter hits multiple enemies, removes X armor from all of them and studies them for 11 seconds.

Blue - Falcon’s Stealth: Carter dodges a melee attack and counters, dealing X damage to close enemies and stealing 250 energy from each. Carter can only dodge attacks once every 6 seconds. (Normal damage)

Purple - Pharaoh’s Judgment: Carter’s basic attacks deal extra damage equal to 15% of the target’s max HP. This effect is reduced against enemies higher than level X.


Carter/Percy: The Dark Abyss - Immunity and counter to Blinds.
+X Basic Damage
+X Max HP
Carter is now immune to blinds. Every time an enemy tries to blind Carter, he gains a shield equal to 10%×S of his max HP for 8 seconds, and the enemy who tried to blind him is stunned for 1,5×S seconds.

Carter/Zia: Path of the Gods - Better target selection.
+X True damage dealt with “Falcon Sight”
At the start of each wave, the player can choose an enemy for Carter to target first. When on auto, Carter chooses the enemy in the middle of the team.
Carter is invincible for the first 3×S seconds of the battle.


Zia is a 1 star backline control character.
“My name is Zia Rashid. And right now, I must save your miserable lives”.
Entrance: Zia walks to her position with her staff in her hand.
Basic attack: Zia hits the closest enemy with magic.
Victory: Zia rises a little flame over her head.
K.O.: Zia throws away her staff.


White - Burning Pillar: Zia summons a fire pillar, which burns enemies for 8 seconds. This deals X damage per second, and reduces targets’ attack and movement speed by 10% every second. When this ends, enemies stay slowed down by 80% for 3 more seconds.

Green - Restore the Maat: Zia’s first 5 basic attacks reduce nearby enemies’ attack and movement speed by 45% for 12 seconds. This can fail on enemies higher than level X.

Blue - Egyptian Energy: Zia hits the enemy with the most energy with a powerful magic shot, dealing X damage and draining 50% of their energy over 3 seconds.

Purple - Favorite Magician: All of Zia’s skills now inflict 2 stacks of “Maat” on enemies (up to 5 per enemy). Each stack of “Maat” blocks a positive status effect, and is removed after blocking it. This skill can fail on enemies higher than level X.


Zia/Sadie: Mutual Trust - Stronger “Egyptian Energy”.
+X Skill Power
+X Max HP
“Egyptian Energy” now targets 3 enemies. Enemies hit by this skill will have their attack and movement speed reduced by 12%×S for 6 seconds.

Zia/Jasmine: Apprentice Sorcerer - More frequent “Maat”.
Enemies take X damage per second for every stack of “Maat” on them.
Enemies start the battle with 2 stacks of “Maat”, and get 1 more stack every 13 seconds (-2 seconds per star)


Sadie is a 3 star backline support character.
“Two farewell gifts, from two gorgeous guys. I hate my life”.
Entrance: Sadie jumps out of a portal.
Basic attack: Sadie hits all enemies with magic.
Victory: Sadie laughs at her enemies.
K.O.: Sadie slaps her hand on her face.


White - Eye of Isis: Sadie casts a spell on her team, giving herself and her allies invincibility for 7 seconds. This skill may fail on enemies higher than level X.

Green - N-Dah: Sadie protects her tank allies by giving them a shield for 10 seconds. This shield has X HP, takes 40% less damage and heals tanks for Y HP per second.

Blue - Ha-Di: Sadie summons the destruction spell on enemies, dealing X damage each, stunning them for 4 seconds and blocking all self heal skills for 8 seconds.

Purple - Goddess of Magic: Each time “Eye of Isis” is activated, Sadie and her teammates gain X skill power, and their attack speed is increased by 20% for the rest of the wave.

Red - Isis’ Blessing: Sadie’s tank allies gain 50% more energy and are immune to disables. This skill can fail against disables inflicted by enemies higher than level X.

Additional stats:
+X Skill Power
+X Shield HP from every source
+X Max HP to tank allies.


Sadie/Annabeth: Inverted Roles - Weaker enemies.
+X Skill Power
Enemies lose X Skill Power
Enemies’ Armor, Reality and Dodge Chance are decreased by 9%×S

Sadie/Carter: Griffin Training - Boosts on Tank K.O.
+X Armor to tank allies
+X Reality to tank allies
When the first tank ally is K.O.ed, Sadie and her allies get a shield with 20%×S of the K.O.ed tank’s HP for 8 seconds, and their attack and movement speed is increased by 10%×S until the end of the wave.


Anubis is a 2 star frontline tank character.
“May I have this dance?”.
Entrance: Anubis walks into battle with his jackal head. When he arrives to his position, he turns to his guy appearance.
Basic Attack: Anubis punches close enemies.
Victory: Anubis smiles.
Defeat: Anubis fades away.


White - Soul Game: Anubis manipulates his enemies’ souls, dealing X damage each, scaring them for 10 seconds, and applying “Funeral” on them for 10 seconds. Enemies with “Funeral”
are K.O.ed when they go under 20% of their max HP.

Green - Death Ritual: Anubis hits all enemies with his divine powers, dealing X damage and knocking them back. This skill deals twice as damage to enemies with “Funeral” effect active.

Blue - God of Funerals: The first 3 times Anubis reaches 0 HP, he uses his powers to revive with full health. Each revive gives him X skill power and reduces the damage he takes by 15% until the end of the battle.

Purple - Divine Help: Anubis and his allies gain X max HP.
Once every 5 seconds, Anubis can protect his allies from one disable. When this happens, involved allies are healed for 20% of Anubis’ max HP.


Anubis/Sadie: Feather of Truth - Stronger “Funeral” effect.
+X Basic Damage
+X Skill Power
Enemies with “Funeral” are now K.O.ed when they fall under (20+4×S)%.

Anubis/Nico: Live for Death - Boosts Damage and Control allies
+X max HP
+X Skill Power to Control role allies
While Anubis is on the battlefield, his Damage role allies take 14%×S less damage.

Upcoming concepts

  • Bast

  • Magnus Chase

  • Alex Fierro

  • A suggestion, maybe? :grin:

Little update: I’ll post here the concept I made for the Halloween contest. It didn’t get among the top 3, but I still hope you liked it (and my other concepts too :wink:)




Source: Monster Allergy (Comics and animated series).

Monsters and Spirits are no match for this young Tamer! While Zick’s powers excel at defeating and capturing Monsters, he can still hold his ground on the battlefield.

“I’ve got a better idea! You two can finally learn that the best place for a Gorka is in a Dombox, preferably a closed one!”


Stars: :star::star:

Position: Midline

Role: Damage

Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Zick walks to his position while using his inhaler. Then he throws it away and starts fighting.

Basic attack: Zick shoots a little ray of Energy Dom, hitting the closest enemy and targets around them. This deals fantastic damage.

Victory: Zick smiles.

Defeat: Zick sneezes and laughs.


White Skill: Energy Overload
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Passive: Zick is immune to any negative status effect. He gains X skill power every time he blocks a status effect.

Active: Zick puts on his sunglasses and shoots a big ray of Energy Dom that hits all enemies, scaring them and dealing X damage over 10 seconds, while also draining Y reality per second from each one.

Green Skill: Ghoulish Stare

At the start of each wave, Zick frightens enemies with his ghoulish stare. This gives Zick 500 energy and scares enemies for 12 seconds.

Scare has a chance to fail on enemies higher than level X.

Blue Skill: Monster Buffet
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Zick throws a shoe at the enemy frontline, dealing X damage to enemies in an area.
Then Bombo jumps on them to eat the shoe, dealing Y more area damage, scaring targets for 10 seconds and knocking them back.

Purple Skill: Trained Tamer

Every 3rd negative status effect blocked now gives Zick X armor, Y reality and 25% attack speed until the end of the wave.

Red Skill: Monster Allergy
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage

“Energy Overload” and “Monster Buffet” deal 100% more damage to non-human enemies. “Ghoulish Stare” stuns non-human enemies for 7 seconds.

These effects have a chance fail on enemies higher than level X.

Additional Stats:
X more basic damage
X more skill power
X fantastic damage dealt by “Ghoulish Stare”


Zick - Jack Skellington

Allies: Bo Peep, Mickey, Hiro

"Halloween Feast" - “Monster Buffet” stuns enemies

+X Skill Power
+X Max HP
“Monster Buffet” stuns targets for 4 seconds (+2 seconds per additional star)

Zick - Alice

Allies: Zurg, Shank, Gonzo

"Engraved Prints" - Scarier Stare

+X Max HP
Basic attacks deal X fantastic damage over 2 seconds
“Ghoulish Stare” removes all starting buffs from enemies
Scares from “Ghoulish Stare” last 2 seconds longer (+2 seconds per additional star)

Another little update: slightly modified Anubis’ “Funeral” effect. Ofc I can’t test it, but it looked a bit too powerful to me before.

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