Alladin needs hero refresh

alladin is basically useless now due to the new heros. Weakest hero in the game


Um, Ralph and the other starters are the weakest


Alladin still needs it.

I never said he didnt

however you are right like frozone also weak too.

  1. It’s Aladdin. 2 D’s, not 2 L’s.
  2. Aladdin is not the weakest in the game… it’s indeterminate…
  3. Most heroes been outdated by the new heroes, not just Aladdin :neutral_face:

I personally want a jack skeleton refresh…

There are dozens of heroes that need a refresh to be in a competition with the newer ones. And yes, Aladdin is definitely in the list. He used to be super helpful teamed with Merlin, but when Pumbaa appeared he just vanished.


I know there’s lots i just want the attention for him to be considered is all

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Which Aladdin are we talking about? OG one or Disney one? I think you know the answer.

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It’s the name Disney gave him, they don’t have to change the name to be culturally appropriate, also how is it ignorant to call him his name. It’s the name Disney uses for him, is scar‘s name culturally appropriate, no but no one is worries about that. just because it’s not culturally appropriate doesn’t mean it’s not his name

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But there’s nothing culturally inappropriate about it… it’s just the way he spells his name.

Calling someone ignorant because they spell a characters name properly is ridiculous.


I suppose that create more balanced new heroes is easier than crash balance with OP heroes and then try to fix it with all these useless refreshes.
But PB don’t care about balance
Only money

I wasnt he was “correcting” people and giving them a wrong “correction”

You either just not take it seriously and use the disney version

But if you want to be “accurate” then that was the most “accurate” version

Not because how “he spells”

Because he goes around correcting people while he is “wrong”

This isn’t the accurate version this is the Disney version, so technically we aren’t wrong, you are

He didnt say disney version in the original comment
So i was not wrong

He’s not wrong. The title of the film is spelled Aladdin.

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