Amazon update?

I was wondering if anyone else has not received the update yet from Amazon’s marketplace. Mine shows no update available from yesterday’s server update.

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We have resubmitted the update to Amazon and are still waiting on approval from Amazon.


Can you hurry up

Everyone has been asking for the update but as of a few minutes ago still nothing from Amazon

It’s not up to Perblue when Amazon approves the update.


Loving that I can’t spend the balance I have on Amazon on packs for the red skill drops like I planned.

Don’t think anyone is surprised that this is happening and nothing can be done about it

Unfortunately, it is still in review.


It was approved! Should be live at 11:45am CT


Actually nothing has changed still no update

Confirmed. We’re still working on it!

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Is Amazon just sitting around spinning in their chairs deciding whether or not to put the update out?

Hi there! Sorry I left early yesterday for a wedding, but I was checking my phone while I was out and had let the team know that the update did not seem to go through and asked Polaris to give you guys an update, which they did!

We’re basically trying to push the update with Amazon again and are not sure why it is still not working, but the team is working on getting answers. We absolutely understand all this frustration and once it is fixed we do plan on sending out a compensation for downtime dealt with for Amazon users only.


Thank you for working with Amazon on this! Appreciate you keeping us informed.

Now lets just hope that the update actually goes through, otherwise people are going just dump the game and the company looses a lot of money

The update should be getting pushed live to Amazon very soon.

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Hope so, this is getting ridiculous

What time? Also space ranger dug I found that hilarious when you said “spinning around in their chairs”

Crazy !!! This better happen today! We have all missed so much already and I have invested a lot of money into my game!!
Not happy

I really want to claim my contest rewards that are probably in my mailbox!

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