Anniversary update PREDICTIONS


Well I thought I’d make one .

Patch notes next Friday.
And update Tuesday may 28th

I’m thinking raven (from that’s so raven after some one pointed it out)
Or mushu.

Jafar (because the new Aladdin movie coming out soon)

Belle, beast, and Lumiere.
Because they have bin on the wiki for a little now.
____________________ comes to all servers.


Level increase

Server 1-13 get the new heroes.
Server 14 gets hiro and baymax. Hiro only in VIP, baymax sign in
Server 16 gets baymax and megara
Baymax in sign in, megara in crates only!
Server 17-18 gets quorra in sign in, barbossa in vip
Server 19 gets jack sparrow and barbossa
Jack in sign in barbossa in war shop.

Server 19 gets war.

Well that’s it I’m !most likely wrong.


By this logic, we should have Mabel as much as I hate Her & Her brother Diper. Either way, Raven just wouldn’t fit in because Her show didn’t really have fighting.


When do do you see mickey toy story, or Alice and wonderland characters fight


Mickey has fought many battles throughout His 100+ year old history. Toy Story characters fight some as well, especially in TS2 & TS3. Finally I must ask you… Have you ever WATCHED the entire movie of Alice in Wonderland?

Mad Hatter & Alice fighting:


Yes I have once… 8 years ago


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Out of the new characters which would be sign in for main servers?


Yeah not Raven since she is Disney Channel. Only cartoon/ animated movie/ kid real live action film characters will make it into the game.


Mickey isn’t even 100 years old. He turned 90 in 2018


Why do you not like the Pines family! They are awesome


I hope you know that it violates copyright infringement laws to upload (and watch) copyrighted movies to/in the internet, whether in whole or in part, without permission by the copyright holder. The best and most legal (?) way to watch that movie would be to buy it and watch it on a home system.
And good luck finding it today.


…Unless you have Netflix, it is next to impossible to find an entire movie anywhere across the Internet.

I have looked for the last 6 years or so, if you know a place tell me about it, if not, then don’t accuse people of being lazy.


I really hope we don’t get the level increase just yet. I can usually get to the cap quite comfortably before the raise (in team level, my heroes are nowhere close) - but if it comes next week I’ll still be at 113-114.


If this game can justify a skill set for Miguel and Megara, then one can very easily be made for Raven. One of your earliest heroes you have access to is Yax, a character that showed absolutely no fighting or action sequences in Zootopia. There is absolutely no excuse for a TV character like Raven to not be included in this game.


Raven wont come but bell out off the beauty and the beast charther can have a chance from the mad hatter s second disc which is called strong brew which realted to tea i dont see much evindence off getting mulan charthers or beast and lumire based on the missing friends and discs


If you’re wrong or not thanks patch notes are friday 28th