Announcing support for Chinese, Korean, and Japanese!


We have a new app that is now available with language support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. This app will only be available to players in the following regions: Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. To download the app, visit your app store and look for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

Because we want to support a more customized experience in these languages, all players on the new app will also be on a new server.

If you are a player currently in one of the above regions, you can continue to play using your current account, or switch to the new app. We do not, at this time, have support for moving existing accounts to the new app.

Thank you and enjoy the new Disney Heroes experience in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean!

The Disney Heroes Team


This is very nice indeed


Cool…makes an account just so i can meet lots of japanese people cuz they all so cool


Nice! I hope it brings in more players to the game.
And I hope one day it’s possible to transfer accounts across servers. :pray:


True or do a language translate so i could talk to them in English but they see my text in Japanese/whatever the language is XD


Why can’t download for hongkong?


Yeheee at least not a Google translation ?! Now back to that messed up german translation…when will you fix those ?
There are over 80 (!) spelling anf grammar errors in a game played by kids…and those are only the ones I found


We recently created a new section of the forums for reporting translation errors. We have a company that does all game text translations. If there are errors we do want to fix them. Please share so we can get those corrected!


Well not sure why my post has been flagged…but I wanted to turn in like 80 translation errors amd was declined…so no hard feelings but I my time is precious it really is