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I love how I can’t even get past EASY on city watch. :unamused: They should lower the difficulty on city watch. I have some keys for epic but I can’t even get passed the first district now​:rage:

I can beat easy… Or medium… Maybe that is one of the perks of being an F2P


No, David, have a little empathy. Allbae_II is correct here. Even under medium/hard difficulty it is getting quite ridiculous in terms of trying to get past some parts. It almost seems bugged some days when your heroes are maxed out compared to what you’re up against.

I haven’t played on easy in a long time. But i can see it probably being just as frustrating as the other tiers. It should be looked into. Something is definitely off.

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Id also like to note that i have near 8 million power. Being taken out so easily by such lower level heroes on some parts where I shouldn’t be, something is bugged about city watch.

I actually have the opposite problem where the heroes are much higher levels than me - I cannot get past easy either, so CW has of late been out of the question for me.

Don’t know that it’s bugged, but the difficulty system is poorly assigned. I believe the opponents are determined by overall team power, right? Well, I have (nearly) all heroes on S19 unlocked, and each one is Lv. 70, P2, 3-star, skill levels upgraded equally.

Because I have probably 75+ heroes, that is not equal to the usual 15 or so heroes people level up very highly, meaning a team of 15 maxed out O3 heroes might have the same overall power as my 75+ purple heroes. Obviously since each side only uses 5 heroes, I’m at a huge disadvantage and I am too overpowered halfway through easy setting.

I know I don’t play by the conventional method of pick your 15 favourites or so, but I do think the CW system needs to be tweaked. It’s not fair to punish people for levelling up more heroes!

@Polaris and @Elliot , I hope not to give anyone a hard time but I hope you might consider changing the difficulty setting so that it is more fair for all play styles; perhaps based on the total power of your 5 strongest heroes rather than overall power? Thanks :slight_smile:


I heard it already is based on that? :confused:


yeah, i’m pretty sure that it is. Usually when people are finding it hard is when they have 5 heroes who are hugely stronger than the rest, so their enemies are based on those and they don’t have a rounded out roster to use.

Other than the continual challenge of dealing with Randall around 5/15 battles, I haven’t noticed any particular increased challenge recently.


If that’s the case, forgive my misunderstanding, but… explain and/or justify this? 3rd stage of easy mode compared to my strongest heroes(all my heroes are the same in colour, level, skill point, etc)… isn’t this a bit much for easy mode? (Their skill points are much higher than mine as well.)

what’s the total team power of that enemy team? it does look a bit strong, but maybe their skills are low

also, easy / normal / hard doesn’t matter for what lineups you will face

Well for comparison, here is my strongest compared to one of theirs (more than double my power, not even their strongest hero). The rest of their skills/power are roughly equal to Goofy’s, as mine are to Hercules.

What does easy/medium/hard account for if not difficulty?

hmm yeah, that’s a weird matchup then… it doesn’t seem like you should be facing such strong enemy in wave 3.

all it affects is the exact stuff it says in the game descriptions, ie -

  • Easy - health and energy regen a bit
  • Medium - no health or energy regen
  • Hard - no health or energy regen, + weekly ward

the team matching algorithm is the exact same for all 3


Others don’t seem to have this huge gap that I do; which is why I thought it used overall team power? I also thought I read it somewhere long ago, but I guess I was wrong?

@Polaris, how are opponents selected in City Watch? Does this seem like an unusual power gap to you?

Perhaps it is at a set difficulty and upgrading your heroes mote will allow you to pass that difficulty?

And second off, Not using Nick, Jack Sparrow, Merida, and Sulley couldmake it extra difficult…

How come? Are they best at CW?

Nick’s lemmings coupled with Sulley’s white gives a nice crit heavy damage. Jack and Merida just have high damage white skills. Ciity watch is all about the white skills. You may find Violet, and Frozone useful as well. :grin:

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Update 12 point something said they will be drawn from coli going foward, but it seems cw and surge are drawn from all game modes (from a friend who requested the information via a support ticket after some going back and forth to draw it out), which is completely different from the last thing they told us in the mentioned update. I agree even easy too hard to beat nowadays and almost seems impossible in any mode of city watch (and no this is not just a f2p problem, I hear top people on the server complain about it almost daily too on how hard the difficulty is and wish it was slightly easier)

If you can’t pass CW largely due to how many Randall teams you have to face, I’ve had great luck with this build on Easy, Medium, and Hard. Unfortunately, the dual wards on Epic is too difficult to beat all the way through with this team.

Randall (Ga)
Animal (Go)
Joy (Ol)
Miguel (Je)
Meg (Sh)


  • Don’t play on auto.
  • Link Meg to Joy.
  • Never trigger Miguel.
  • Only trigger Joy when needed.
  • Ensure that at least Animal and Randall (and Miguel because you never trigger him) have full energy at the start of every fight. Once you have 2-3 defenders defeated, Miguel’s healing is so fast from Animal’s Gonzo disk that you shouldn’t need to trigger any abilities as all of your hero’s health bars stay maxed.
  • Trigger Animal and Randall immediately at the start of the fight.
  • Before you start the fight, analyze the defensive line to figure out the order that you want to target with Randall’s white skill. Meg, Joy, Randall, Beast, and Hook are some of the heroes that you need to prioritize killing as soon as possible.
  • Spend the first two regions getting other heroes to max energy so that you have backup teams to weaken the occasional defense that the line listed above has problems with.
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This. I do this sometimes. Soo helpful. :grin:

And putting deals out there in the game that gives you Epic CW keys isn’t goung to magically make CW any easier or make me want to purchase said deal. Why waste money on something I know I won’t get very far in? Yes, Epic is extremely difficult but I’m not purchasing keys till I can even survive easy. That’s just my opinion :man_shrugging:

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