Another couple of ideas to improve cosmetics

1: Implement some type of hero cosmetic exp; a meter that rises the more you use a certain hero, and every time the bar fills up, you get a random one of its cosmetics

2: For badge cosmetics, perhaps you have a random chance to obtain a badge profile picture every time you craft its respective badge


I like these, as it stands someone who doesn’t purchase cosmetic deals is going to take years to even come remotely close to having all the cosmetics - I doubt I’ll ever have even half of them by the time the game is finished.

Something like this would be a good & interesting way of improving that without just dumping a ton of crates on us.


Given the rate new cosmetics are added, I doubt I’ll have 10% of them by the time the game is finished.

Still, making it easier to get cosmetics means less incentive for players to buy the cosmetic crate deals, so I doubt whoever approves budgets for the app will ever allow anything of that nature.

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