Another pay to win game move πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

See I knew the deal will come… nobody has infected areas as of the Ducktales challenge we already talked about earlier. We never hat virus items to be bought since a year!!
Its end of the month, we here get paychecks around the 10th, I for example only have 17€ left on my card. They (you) really could half contest related deals to 11.- or even 5.- and deliver two for us to be bought! So many more people would be able to compete, if they are even still that kind to support such greedy actions some more. The whole acting and delivering lately only aims at getting as much money as possible from your few remaining players. Who happily still want to play a well balanced game without many bugs and greediness blocking you from getting NORMAL results. Yeah we already came that far. A game that gets destroyed because of making you have to pay to play.

Haven’t you learned something from past quitting results, because of your greedy behaviour??

@polaris urgent answer appreciated
Stop the pay to win contest dropping in a row and on and on.

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