Anti-virus deal with no new virus spans

As we all know, one of the latest updates got rid of new virus spawns in the campaign, and after that I have cleared all infections I had left there previously, as well as selling all my anti-virus items. However, currently the game is trying to sell me anti-virus for diamonds. How is that in any way logical?


Sell them for gold, or don’t buy them?


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Haha I don’t think I will be buying them as they have no use really… I just found it weird to get such an offer with no new viruses spawning.

You get more gold in Mega Mart for the same diamonds, so don´t buy it.

Also, Virus doesn´t seem to be offered in Mega Mart.

@Polaris Can the team get rid of that bundle?

It’s rare, actually. I’ve only seen them once, and that was before the 2.3 update…

I’ve also seen it before the 2.3 update, never after that.
Think it is a bit strange that the bundle would still appear.

Some people still have infected areas they haven’t been able to clear yet. Even so, offering 300 antivirus items seems excessive; something like 50 to 100 should be more than enough for anyone who doesn’t have virus items stockpiled.

We still have them offered so players who have infected areas have the option to buy them. 300 seems like a lot though so I’ve asked the team to look into adjusting the amount.


Uh, I’ve been offered 300 anti-viruses even after I cleared all my infected areas, so…

I remember there is a 100 one for 150 diamonds. That one could be kept and the 300 one removed. :slight_smile:

Either that or well, there could always be mega mart option of 10 anti-virus for 15 diamonds and the devs could remove all the bundles. (Or even 10 free anti-virus as is the Badge Booster Crate, I wouldn´t mind a guaranteed “Free” spot for some of the goodies, we could well think it out together if the devs want.)

Thank you @Polaris for looking into this. I do agree that some kind of anti-virus deal can still be around, but 300 is indeed a bit much at this state

I’ve got the opposite issue on server 14. Still got 75 infected areas and haven’t ever seen anti-virus on offer! Getting desperate :joy:

edit @Polaris is this something that can be looked at please? I’m at a stage where getting badge bits needed to promote is virtually impossible

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