Any chance of patch notes?


I know its early for you guy to show the anniversary update but maybe yes I’m very inpatient so is there a chance @Polaris?


they said notes would hopefully ready by the end of next week

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I thought that was when the update whoul release…


PolarisCommunity Manager


We’re planning to have the anniversary update patch notes ready at the end of next week.

PolarisCommunity Manager


@Queen_Kate If you have a favorite campaign location or other background from the game. There’s a lot to choose!

@kuddukan Yes! The anniversary update for the game will be later this month, and it’s gonna be electric!


We have patch notes now, not for anniversary, but still what you asked for.(partly)


Polaris said till next week??


Current plan:
1.9.3 Patch Notes today - update Monday, May 20
1.10 Patch Notes next Friday - update Tuesday, May 28 (anniversary update!)

All dates subject to change.



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Hey, do Not go wrong with Zoos’ W neck shirts. They were approved by Pacifica!


My knowledge of Gravity Falls has gotten much better, and I agree with Zoos in this case:

Yes!! anniversary update!!!

Is that how to spell his name cuz I am still not entirely sure??


Soos I think?

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Wait, do you think his name is Zoos? Yeah it’s Soos. :joy::joy:


It is Soos alright. Put close captionings and you will see. And his name showed on his ID in the episode “Blendin’s Game”


Oh, but he does say it with a Z sound…

Hmmm ok.


We’re getting off topic…

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Will server 1see a level cap increase?


Oooh! I’m gonna start the hype train guys!


(Regarding Gravity Falls) @Champion_David Well if I remember in the first few episodes his name sounded more like Zeus but later on in the series it sounded more like Soos.


I hope this is the best update ever

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