Any news on s23?

Here after almost a 1 year break, looking for play again on a new server, is there any news on that? Cant find nothing. When was the newest server released?

There haven’t been any servers added since server 22. In fact, there have been two server merge events in the past year. The first event had servers 6 and 7 merge into server 5. The second event had two sets of servers merging. servers 3, 4, and 8 merge into server 2; and servers 10-12 merged into server 9.

Because of all this, it is unlikely that a new server will be introduced anytime soon.

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Thanks, i really want to start into a new server, im like 60 lvls behind on the server 5 so no gonna retake that sv :rofl: !
I think the merge does not imply the desire of other players to want a new server, and obviusly a new one is a good easy money maker

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