Any tips or explanation for this?

Ok I’ve been trying to complete this friendship campaign for a LOOOOOONG a time now and I’m convinced this is a bug in the code since the only other explanation is my iPad has become an SCP

All three are max level max skill and even their rank is above the enemies and are now 1000 X the enemy team power. Any tips or do I just give up and say that this can never be won.

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What in the world? Who’s doing that damage?

Can you… send a video about that stage? Please :tipping_hand_man:t2:

That’s… definitely not normal


No need for a video since it would be a grand total of a second long.

I think I get what’s happening, wait-

Take out Simba


Ok that actually worked. Ummmmm why would Simba be multiplying enemy power in proportion to itself?


Enemy throws a basic attack instantly
But before it lands, Simba charms it and increases its BD to oblivion


Ahhhhh, that makes…sense, in the sense that it makes no sense, but it does explain it.

What a weird bug.

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