Any updates to Diamond Crate Upgrades

Hello. @Polaris Any plans to update/enhance the Diamond Crate Upgrades?
I’m “maxed” at Level 60 for a while now.


+1, it would be nice to have some more upgrade levels. I’ve also been at 60 for a long while (without ever having bought any diamond crates whatsoever) - and with deals now offering crates in the hundreds & even thousands, most of those who do buy them will surely be at or approaching the upgrade cap too :face_with_monocle:

Just improvements to the crates in general would be nice. We have so many characters and items that we almost need to have things separated out somehow so there aren’t 200 or more possible items in one chest. Like maybe add in chests that give characters from a certain team, or small and large chests where the small chest gives out things more useful for people below level 80,and the large things more useful for people over 80. Or add an algorithm that changes the chance to get certain things like blue disk parts and makes them harder to get as you get higher in level, or make you slightly less likely to get chips for heroes already six stars.


It would be nice if the diamond crates would get a complete rework anyways. With Red badges out now, it’s high time we can get full orange and full red badges from the crates. Also full hero’s should convert to automatic 30 chips regardless of how many stars they start with. Diamond crates used to be very useful, but now they’re just…there. And for that matter, the guild crate and vip crate could use some upgrades as well.

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