Anyone Else Gonna Wait?

Okay, so the Battle Badges are awesome.

Having to pay 40 million XP AS A START? Not so much.

It’s already getting harder every update to keep your main team leveled up, and to require this now just to unlock is way too insane.

So, I’m just wondering if anyone is going to wait until they change this?

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  1. You Could have post in Feedback thread of Battle Badges :slight_smile:
  2. Its XP, Not Stamina. 40M XP

Opps, you’re right. I changed it.

Yes I’ll wait until next update. They mentioned they’ll be making adjustments to them based on the feedback they received


But I think it was only about the bonuses.

Maybe. Either way I highly doubt I can get a second character to yellow before update

My strongest hero is only at Red +11 now anyway, so that’s just as well.

For what the enhancements give, it´s unreasonable to pay the Hero XP. And you gotta have in mind, you will be paying that again next rank.

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