Anyone having problem with new emoji weekly challenge?

As the title says anyone else having problems ?

I posted a emoji and got 1/7 went to claim the daily challenge for completing part of a challenge and when I press claim it says requirements have not been met so I check the weekly challenge and it now says 0/7

Few seconds later is says 1/7 again and the daily challenge come up saying to claim it again it’s a never ending loop


yes. must be a bug.

I have also had the same problem. When I claim the quest it says requirements not met. I also just updated my app and now my counter is at 0

@Cozta what server are you on? I don’t see anyone else really talking about having a problem on here but my whole guild is having the same issue. I am on S19

It was a server 19 problem. It was fixed yesterday but scores were reset.

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So basically this will just be another Challenge that will be impossible to complete. The Challenge ends in 5 days and 1 hour from now and I can only post 1 emoji a day and I still need 6 more

Apparently it’s still not fixed. My counter just reset back to 0 in the last 20 minutes

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I’d always thought all servers got the same challenges, just further down the line & not necessarily in the same order depending on server age. We’ve never had this emoji challenge on S2 :man_shrugging::thinking:

@Naughty4U The logs show that you have 1 progress in that challenge. Try posting another Disney emoji in chat and see if that updates the progress.

@Polaris when I logged on it showed my progress at 2. I posted an emoji in chat but nothing happened. I don’t know when the timer resets for me to post another emoji but so far today it hasn’t let me post one. I’ve tried several different times with different emojis

I do see you have 2 progress now. The ‘day’ resets at 5AM, the same time the challenge starts. You have progress for Thursday and Friday.

@Polaris so basically I won’t be able to complete the challenge since I lost the progress I had before updating the app? There is 4 days left and I need 5

I’m still also having this issue. This is the message I get when I try to claim the challenge quest.

@Polaris I’m still not getting credit for the Challenge. It keeps taking my progress away after I try to collect the daily quest

@Naughty4U I have that issue every morning before I complete the quest. After I post an emoji, I can accept it no problem.

I says I can collect the quest when I have not done anything LOL Plus I cannot use the Disney emojis since it crashes

I do this several times throughout the day and everytime the same thing happens

Sorry about the error still. Please send in a support ticket so they can look at the logs and make sure you can complete the challenge.

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