App Access for Servers 13 and 15


We are currently supporting two iOS versions of the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode app in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, due to platform restrictions, we will no longer be able to support both app versions in the following countries once the 1.6.4 update is released:

  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam

Anyone playing outside these countries will not be affected.

iOS players from the listed countries using the version of the Disney Heroes with the Judy Hopps/Mickey/Ralph app icon will need to switch to the version of the app with the Wreck-It Ralph icon. Please download this new app from the app store as soon as you can.

Once you make an account on the new app, please contact customer support using the same device used on your previous account. We will be able to transfer any previous purchases made and provide additional compensation.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you in the game.


So I contacted the customer support and my account is what they stated ‘transferred’
But in reality what really transferred was only the VIP level and a compensation package?
Are you serious?

Are you really telling me you just wiped out what I worked for for the entire past 3 months? And start all over again?
This is beyond ridiculous!

I am requesting let us transfer the entire account to other sever of our choice.
I will download the app from the Japanese App Store to stay in server 13 so it will not get affected by the platform restrictions you were addressing AND please recover my VIP level, diamonds.

I am looking for your responses ASAP


We are only able to transfer Diamonds, VIP, and Daily Deal Days between servers. Heroes, consumables, and items cannot be moved from one server to another.

Anything that was purchased with real money will be moved to the new account. We have a generous compensation package to help players advance quickly through the beginning stages of the game.

We cannot support installing the app from a store that is outside your current country. in order to avoid these restrictions.


With the 1.7 update next week, we will no longer be able to support both Android versions of the app in the following countries:

  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Myammar
  • Philippines
  • Taiwan
  • Vietnam

We ask Android players in these countries to follow the same procedure outlined above.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you in the game.

Update 1.7 is next week, apparently. What can we expect in this Update?

thats odd, i was told in customer service that you would not transfer anything at all between servers, so i have two accounts when i could transferred it all to one. thanks for that im fine with it now but damn


Wow this will be months of work gone, having to redo all the campaigns and choose the toons to build up.


Thanks polaris for this bad news,I’m grateful for playing this game with a wreck it ralph’s icon.
Because I’m from indonesia.


Dear @Polaris, i am from Malaysia. I am already update with ralph face only before 1.6.4 update. What should i do next?


i’m from hong kong , so i’m fine with all the updates ???


It clearly says you get all of your progress restored if you follow those steps? Did anybody read the post before automatically complaining.


Please contact customer support in the game on your new account using the same device used on your previous account. Let us know that you are in one of the countries affected, and the name and number of your server 13 or 15 account.

No. We cannot transfer whole accounts between servers. We can restore purchases to the new account, but we cannot move heroes or items in the inventory. We are granting a compensation package to help players get started on their new account.


Well that’s still better than nothing!


What is in the compensation package I am curious


Dear @Polaris, i am in server 6 using my name account (Herald Mallard). I living on Malaysia. But yesterday, i already contacted support person. They said my account on server 6 is not affected and then silenced for a after while. I am afraid that it will affect on my account server 6. Can @Polaris help me? I am will open new account on server 13 or 15. Thanks if you can help me.


Hi @Polaris!!! I’m from server 7 (PX ETHAN) and I lived in Indonesia. Will my account affected?


Hai Polaris. I’m Indonesia Player, for the first time i have been playing this game with Ralph icon, is that mean my account don’t affected??
My Account in Server 15 “Princess Merida”


My country is listed above using iOS but I’m on Server 9. Will I be affected by this one?


If you are playing on a server that is NOT 13 or 15, you will not be affected by this. Only players on servers 13 and 15 living in those countries will need to move.