Appreciation just for Kim Possible!

Yeah, stationery characters are weird

Kim Possible is coming!!!

That is from a Long Time ago and was confirmed fake


@Bravo_Swann_VII, the post I am replying to is from a long time ago now please stop posting that every where Kim probably won’t come anytime soon

Maybe she won’t come anytime soon but hopefully she’ll be worth the wait!

She’s not coming :expressionless:


Actually, she is. It just won’t be soon


Anyone has to be patient.

Don’t believe everything you see on the wiki. It’s sometime in correct.


We already knew she was coming


Kim is coming! Thanks so much for the fun hunt and riddle @Polaris!

Here is the proof!

Ironically with the update that reduces friendship dialogues in missions. Maybe thag was one of the problems with her?

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It took a while but she is finally coming! Some challenges couldn’t stop her from coming because she is Kim Possible! People and danger called so she is on her way! She is there for us until the very end! Cause we know we can always call Kim Possible!


A small error.

So long, too long, but it happen.
It was worth to wait… :partying_face:

What will happen to this now? (If this was answered already then sorry)

Well we can now show how much we appreciate her in-game here. How much wins she gives

This aged like fine wine lol

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Not so fake anymore haha, same exact artwork as the “fake” picture of her in game.

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How was that picture used? The Kim one.

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