April 2022 Tier List! Y13 Max Level 300 | Bendy

Hey guys! Just got finished with our April tier list! Thank you to everybody that joined the stream and helped vote on where heroes belong! Click on the image to zoom in and see everything more clearly.

We have some pretty big changes starting in this tier list. The first thing you’ll notice, somewhat jokingly but I think it makes sense in context, I added the UNFAIR tier as an offshoot of Best of the Best for the very exclusive list of heroes that go beyond even the Best of the Best heroes in DH, and I think the only 2 that belong there are Zeus and Shego as they are BY FAR the best 2 heroes in the game and completely dominate all PVP gameplay.

The other big change you’ll see is I added Blue lettering to friend disks in a similar way to how I’ve been shading hero names red for the most important red skills. This operates the exact same way, friend disks labelled blue indicate that they are very important to the hero’s viability and without the shaded disk, move down at least one tier.

Ok, with that out of the way, we have 3 new heroes joining the tier list for the first time! Horned King and Namaari both start out in the Really Good tier, while the all in all underwhelming Underminer starts out in Balanced. I’m predicting Horned King has some potential as basically a new and improved Bunsen & Beaker for the Bunsen stans out there. Underminer, while he does have high Normal crit and damage just doesn’t seem to stand up among the rest of the meta aside from having a nice revive to stall out quick fights in arena/coli.

Outside of them there isn’t really any major changes this month, Flik moved down to Balanced, Wall-e moves UP to Balanced, and Beast and Launchpad both find themselves dipping into the Meh tier. Honestly the most surprising thing to me is that Bagheera did NOT move up to BotB, I kind of thought for sure he was going to move up but the votes weren’t there for it so for now Bagheera stays where he is.

Hopefully these are welcomed changes and I look forward to making these each and every month! Thanks again if you helped vote on where heroes belong!

If you have suggestions for changes that you want to see to the next tier list, we have a survey that you can fill out so that your voice is more likely to be heard on the next stream even if you can’t be there in person! You may fill it out here: https://forms.gle/P7z95qp15pQvVb968

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHGPXPUXGQSGcpFh00k7PSA

Printer Friendly version if you’re into that sort of thing: April 2022 Tier List! Y13 Lvl 300 - Album on Imgur


Huh, any reasoning given as to why he deserved to move up?

Not totally sure tbh, but i had some chatters who were REALLY pushing for Wall-e to move up, he even almost got voted to Really Good but I just didn’t feel right pushing him alllll the way up.

However to explain what i think the rationale is, I think wall-e has some underrated usage between his energy boosting and his freeze abilities. But i’m no wall-e expert to be perfectly honest

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Honestly I’m really excited for The Horned King

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Hes also good at preventing the sap from zues at the start so he doesn’t remove energy, very niche and hes good where hes at now

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Hi Bendy, thanks for the new tier list :blush:
Just for clarification, which disk did you put on Yax?
Because I read “FL” but the disk is either “Fr” or “Fi”

Frozone disk is way better, white skill is used frequently as it costs only 500 energy, and it gives big basic damage buff with each use.

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